Dacia AR is the brand’s new free augmented reality app

Dacia AR è la nuova app di realtà aumentata del brand thumbnail

Dacia has officially launched the new Dacia AR app. This is a new free application that can be downloaded for free on Android devices, via the Google Play Store, and on iOS and iPadOS devices via the AppStore. Thanks to the Dacia AR app it’s possible discover the new visual identity of Dacia vehicles. The brand has launched a new logo that will soon arrive on all its cars and which can be previewed through the new application that uses augmented reality.

The new Dacia AR app is available

Dacia AR allows you to view the Dacia vehicles with the new visual identity and the new logo. Thanks to the potential of the augmented reality it will be possible to discover the new proposals of the brand, the fittings and also check the accessories available inside the passenger compartment. The application can be used by dealers to preview the new products coming to the brand range over the next few months. The app works quickly and allows a complete view of what’s new.

Dacia AR also offers a preview of the new logo arriving on the brand’s cars. The first models with the new brand will only be available starting from October. The public debut is scheduled for the Paris Auto Show. Subsequently, the cars will arrive in dealerships. To download the augmented reality app, you can refer to the official website of the brand.

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