Dacia Spring orders 5000 cars a month

Dacia Spring eletta a suon di ordini l'elettrica" del popolo" in Europa thumbnail

Launched in March 2021 and available from September at dealerships, Dacia Spring, only for the period dedicated to the pre-order, has collected 16 thousand orders in just 3 months. The number is aggregated among all the European countries where the early booking campaign was launched. And since July, Dacia Spring has been collecting an average of over 5,000 orders per month.

Dacia Spring, orders are growing in Europe for several reasons

One of the reasons for such success is undoubtedly the starting price of the electric Dacia, or “only” 20.100 euro, a very affordable cost compared to the figures that you have to pay for other electric models in the same category.

But the low price shouldn’t be deceiving. Dacia has not spared itself on the technical equipment, however offering a car with all the trappings that distinguish an electric model of today. Starting with the crossover look that is so fashionable even for urban vehicles, combined with aautonomy of 305 km (WLTP City cycle, 230 km in combined WLTP) that reveal its city soul. In fact, on average, European motorists drive per day about 30 km, a distance that is well suited to the range of the Dacia crossover.

A vehicle of entry into 100% electric mobility, Spring finds part of its audience among customers already convinced by the characteristics of Dacia vehicles. These are recognized as essential, robust, accessible and with the best quality / price ratio. But Spring is also a vehicle of conquest, with the majority of customers buying a Dacia vehicle for the first time (8 out of 10 in France).

“With about 40,000 orders within eight months, Spring has an excellent commercial launch. By making electric mobility accessible to all, Spring wins over both customers who are already familiar with the Dacia brand, and mainly new customers. The r-EVolution continues! “, said Xavier Martinet, Marketing and Sales Director of Dacia.