Dacia: la rete di vendita ha una nuova identità visuale thumbnail

Dacia: the sales network has a new visual identity

The Dacia mesh changes its look with a new external visual identity to accompany the development of the brand and its range of products, while remaining faithful to its fundamental values ​​of simplicity, robustness and frugality. With this new impactful identity, the Brand strengthens the external visibility and modernity of its network.

The first European dealer to unveil the new face of Dacia is located in the Paris region and, more precisely, in Melun (LS Group). Implementation of the new outdoor network signage will begin in spring. The project will continue bringing the new standards also inside the showrooms.

The thick khaki-colored line that highlights the contours of the dealership’s building embodies the brand’s strength, simplicity and outdoor character. By marking the outlines of the building, it is clearly indicated where the dealer is located. The same line also surrounds the emblem of the Brand, made with luminous letters: khaki by day and white by night, with black details to accentuate its robustness.

The large main totem facilitates the identification of the Dacia brand. A second totem, positioned next to the entrance door, welcomes customers and provides practical information. The totems, which enhance the brand’s emblem, are made of two materials: khaki-colored metal and a decoration inspired by wood. The wood was chosen to give warmth to the whole, also referring to the outdoor spaces so dear to the Brand. With their deliberately massive design, the totem poles are a real presence in space.

Finally, the flags further enrich the signage with the Dacia emblem and new touches of color, including Terracotta and Sand. The final result will have an impact and will positively contribute to the evolution process of the Dacia Brand

During the year, the implementation process of the new Dacia visual identity will also start in the Italian showrooms. The renewal phase foresees, by the end of 2022, that 40% of the sites will begin to adopt the new brand image, with the new look, the new logo and the new emblem.

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