Dacia's rise in Italy continues thanks to Sandero

Dacia's growth in our country has no intention of stopping, among the models that stand out the most we find the Sandero accompanied by LPG fueling

The 2024 of Dacia it started with numbers that confirm exponential growth in Italy. In the first quarter of the new year, the Romanian automotive brand achieved significant growth in our country both in terms of volumes and market shares. As regards the former, we are talking about a +14% while for the seconds +0,3%. The most significant deals in terms of numbers can be traced back to the private market where the Romanian company has reached the market share of 10,3%, confirming itself as the most loved brand by customers in our country. The Dacia brand is certainly supported by its leading model Sandero which once again proclaims itself to be the most delivered car to private customers with an increase of 42% of registrations compared to last year and which today makes up approximately 63% of the house's sales mix.

To accompany the Sandero we then find the model Dusterthe Dacia SUV which, awaiting the release of the third generation model, has reached approximately 30% of the sales mix of the Romanian brand. To complete the picture we then have Jogger e Spring, the latter source of much interest from the public in recent days. On the power front, however, Dacia reconfirms itself as very strong GPL with the 76% of the total registrations in these first months of 2024 that adopt this type of fuel. About 3 out of 4 cars Dacia branded vehicles sold to private individuals adopt this type of fuel supply.

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