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Dangerous clones of Threads arrive in the stores

Threads he made a lot of talk about himself, after a few days he achieved unprecedented success. But at the moment it is not officially available in our country. This has led some dishonest developers to launch dangerous clones of Threads on the Android and Apple digital stores.

Threads, dangerous clones in European stores

According to TechCrunch, an app called “Threads for Insta” which has positioned itself among the most downloaded in several European countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands during this week.

Impatient users downloaded and installed a clone developed by the Israeli company SocialKit LTD, convinced that it was the legitimate application of Threads. It seems that the ap has been downloaded over 300 thousand times. And it is not alone: ​​in the App Store we have seen “Threads: AI Chatbot & Keyboard”, while on the Google Play Store the app “Threads by Instagram”.

Threads how it works

This phenomenon poses a threat to user safety, as some of these clones can contain malware or offer completely different functionality compared to the original social platform. If you are not sure about the authenticity of an app, it is better to rely on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, to avoid security risks and protect your privacy.

Meanwhile, European users will have to please be patient until Threads is officially available in their region. Meta should consider measures to counter the spread of malicious clones and ensure that users can use the social network safely and efficiently as soon as it is available in Europe.

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