Threads doesn’t work in Italy, reports boom

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Boom of reports of users in Italy that they are encountering difficulty accessing Threads, Meta’s new social network. The platform is not officially available in Italy, but many users have used alternative methods to log in. Everything worked out great – until today. In fact, many users (even in our editorial staff) have received a generic error message that reads “sorry, an error occurred, try again”. Threads is down and it’s hard to figure out if it’s just an error or an app crash in our country.

Threads doesn’t work in Italy, lots of reports

Analyzing one screenshot taken from an android device, we can see that the feed seems to work correctly, while some features such as notifications and profiles show the above error message.

It is currently unclear whether this is a temporary outage or whether Meta intentionally restricted or blocked access to Threads from within the European Union. However, it seems that the same problems also occur when a VPN is used.

The reason behind these difficulties could be related to the rules of the European Union on the processing of user data. Since Threads is closely related to Instagram, EU approval may be required for its launch.

Nevertheless, considering the success found in the United States, it is likely that Meta it will soon find a solution and will make its new messaging platform available also in Italy and Europe.

However, at the moment all those who have installed the application and connected their account in Italy, are having problems using Threads. Although we doubt they can go back to Twitter.

Have you had the same problems? Let us know in the comments.

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