DAO apre i primi supermercati senza casse in Italia, a insegna Tuday Conad (con Nexi come partner) thumbnail

DAO opens the first checkout-free supermarkets in Italy, under the Tuday Conad banner (with Nexi as partner)

Innovation arrives in Italy with DAOwhich presents the first supermarket without checkouts in the country. The point of sale, under the sign Tuday Conad, will open its doors in Verona today 8 November, with another opening planned in Trento. This new concept of supermarket, made possible by the collaboration with I connectedintroduces a flow of digital payment simple and immediate.

Supermarket without checkouts, DAO together with Nexi

For the first time in Italy, customers will be able to take the products they want from the shelves without having to go through traditional checkouts. Special sensors located in the store will detect the items taken, automatically adding them to the virtual shopping cart until the time of payment.

How payment works

Access to the store will be free, allowing consumers to select the desired items and place them freely in their bags or backpacks. Smart cameras and scales they will recognize the chosen items, then showing them on special totems during payment.

Payment will take place exclusively in digital format, allowing the use of credit cards of any circuit or of the “Tuday Grab & Go” app. The user will have to download the app on their smartphone, register and provide the requested data, including credit card data, guaranteeing security and convenience.

The conclusion of the payment will take place by scanning a QR code generated by the app under the exit totems, giving life to a new shopping method made possible by Nexi.

Alessandro Penasa, CEO of DAO, explains: “Opening the first Italian autonomous store is a source of great satisfaction and pride for us at DAO, the smallest of the CONAD family Cooperatives. It is because it is an important step that we take with our style: in the relationship with the territory, also made up of small local shops, and in the stable relationships that we build with our stakeholders. We achieved the goal by counting on a great team. And Nexi has been part of this team for years, growing. We have been talking for some time and we strengthened our collaboration a couple of years ago, with a very significant project of complete revision of the POS systems on the network. And now, at the moment of the most important challenge, we didn’t have to look elsewhere. With Nexi we have solved a particular dilemma for a cashierless shop: building a payment system, or rather, multiple systems (whatever the customer’s wishes), so advanced and fluid as to make them invisible. As the best technology should be: a tool at the service of business.”

La partnership con Nexi

The company has implemented the technological infrastructure for DAO, enabling the purchasing process called “invisible payments”. Product identification and transaction are handled by XPayNexi’s payment gateway.

Dirk Pinamonti, Head of ecommerce Italy and Greece at Nexi, comments: “This project is another concrete proof of our ability to offer practical and innovative purchasing experiences of which payment becomes an integral part, increasingly convenient and fast, as well as Safe. We constantly invest in technology precisely to make the best possible solutions available to the market, capable of responding to new market trends: we are proud that a cooperative so rooted in the territory and open to innovation like DAO has chosen our infrastructure to create the first supermarket without checkouts in Italy”.

The cashier-free supermarket in Verona, with a surface area of ​​approximately 200 square metres, is a point of reference for neighborhood shopping promoted by DAO. Likewise, the Trento store will reflect this vision. And to pay, you won’t need cash registers.

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