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Fiat Topolino: how much does it cost and how to buy it personalized?

After the official presentation and the opening of orders, the Fiat Topolinor is finally reality and is one of the protagonists of EICMA 2023. Ma how much does it cost the Fiat Topolino and what are the characteristics of the new Fiat quadricycle?

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The Fiat Topolino at EICMA 2023

Despite EICMA is mainly the two-wheel fair, quadricycles are increasingly present and among the undisputed protagonists of the 2023 edition there is also the Fiat Topolino. The quadricycle was presented during the summer while orders opened on September 19th.

At EICMA it was presented in a Dolce Vita setting, in line with the theme of the urban car bodywork – in Vita Verde color -, set up in stand B58, where a view of Via Lincoln in Milan was reconstructed.

The Fiat Topolino It comes in two versions, one closed and one open laterally, and fits perfectly into the ever-growing demand for cars suitable for urban mobility: ultra-compact and agile for city traffic. And above all electric.

Both versions of the Fiat Topolino they have a maximum speed of 45 km/h, increasingly in line with the trend of the maximum limit of 30 km/h in cities. Furthermore, the 5.4 kWh battery guaranteesautonomy the 75 km.

Giuseppe Galassi, managing director of Fiat & Abarth in Italy, commented: “Fiat remains faithful to its mission of developing sustainable mobility for cities by making electric driving easy and accessible to all. For this reason, we are proud to participate in this important event with the new Fiat Topolino, the micro-mobility solution accessible to all that allows you to go anywhere thanks to its size, 100% electric mobility as well as perfectly embodying the style of the new Dolce Vita and pure Italian beauty”

“Furthermore, the arrival of Mickey Mouse will contribute to significantly reducing noise pollution in the central areas of our cities, inaugurating a new way of understanding urban mobility: sustainable, silent, safe and stress-free”

How much does the Fiat Topolino cost?

The Fiat Topolino it is already among the most requested innovations regarding sustainable solutions for urban mobility, but how much does it cost? Il list price of the Fiat Topolino is 9,890 euros. However, Stellantis thought of one leasing solutionwhich allows you to take advantage of a list price of 7,544 euros.

Stellantis Financial Services prevede un 48 month lease at 39 euros per month, with a deposit of 2,582 euros.

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How to buy the new Fiat Topolino?

The Fiat Topolino It will arrive in all Italian dealerships in December. However, orders have already been open since last September 19th.

Through the official store, it is already possible to configure your own from scratch baby mouse and insert the accessories you prefer. Once configured, you can move on to choosing the payment method, whether in full or via financing.

After carrying out all the procedures, you must wait for a confirmation email from Fiat with the specifications on delivery times and place, while while waiting you can keep track of all the shipping phases of your car.

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