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Dario Argento: a master… thrilling!

On the occasion of the upcoming release of the latest film directed by Dario Argento; here is a special dedicated to the master of the Italian thrill known by every generation. Through some of the masterpieces of the become cult, a demonstration of the experimentation of techniques, languages ​​and sounds

On the occasion of the release of the latest film, Black glasses Of Dario Argentoa special dedicated entirely to the master of the Italian thrill known by every generation.

Believed by many an innovator of the thriller and horror genrerepresents the author par excellence for the maximum importance given to the sound element. A strong creative mix placed in every filmic detail, passing from the visual to the auditory element. A real one fusion of images, sounds and languages through a free journey… thrilling!

Dario Argento: the search for the perfect thrill

If it is true that it is said that “seeing a film with the addition of sound can be perceived differently than seeing it without any trace”; Dario Argento he is the director who has been able to mark the territory the most in this.

Since his early beginnings behind the camera, he has been able to dominate the scene in the spotlight for glthe environments and characters defined as dark, and full of a gothic “theatricality” never seen before. Through new frontiers of experimentation of techniques, languages ​​and sounds; many of his works are inspired by a world defined as oneiric, with images and memories that are the fruit of an imagination. In fact, according to many authors and critics, the first great demonstration of his creativity came with his first feature film, The Bird with the Crystal Feathers.

With very close-ups and an almost maniacal obsession in defining details; thanks to this first film, he manifested in a “crystalline” way the bases of the most researched and in-depth peculiarities during his career. The use of subjective combined with psychedelic noises, sounds and soundtracksI increased and instilled even more the sense of separation from the surrounding reality.

Dario Argento: a master… thrilling!

A constant search to represent the classic thriller with a thousand facets, full of restlessness, darkness and deduction. Even if in a risky way, it was from that moment that many of the music in his works began to take on an increasingly predominant role in the context, remaining real classes of the genre that transcend the boundaries of cinema.

Dario Argento: the fantastic and horror elements. The partnership with the Goblins

Bass turns that are becoming more and more pressing. Synthesizers combined with the dizzying sound of the drums. A meticulous beating of the rhythm of the scenes, in a growing climax made up of sudden images of terror and mystery. Childish chants make their way across the screen, filling the vision with hallucinations, violence and repression.

Few elements to underline the obvious detachment from the previous phasetowards the outlet of darker atmospheres and more bloody crimes, enhanced by the constant predominance of fantastic and horror elements. The sounds become more anxious, enriched by an almost suffocating pathos. No longer the classic Italian thriller, but a rewrite of the thriller genre with a more revolutionary order and vision.

It is the beginning of the golden partnership with the Italian progressive rock group, Goblin. A fortuitous encounter capable of transporting the vision towards further restlessness, anguish and terror in its pure state.

Impossible not to mention in this one transmutation the two cult masterpieces par excellence, Deep Red (1975) e Suspiria (1977). Having entered the collective imagination of each generation, for Dario Argento they represented a much more impetuous and experimental change of register, with the aim of create a more multifaceted fear.

Dario Argento: a master… thrilling!

The viewer thus finds himself savoring disturbing images and sounds, with constant references and references to a cinema of first-rate expressionism. The so-called incessant Leitmotiv able to accompany the topical moments of the films.

Dario Argento: the vision of fear

Always fascinated by the study of psychology, he has often built the distinctive traits of “bad” characters and the same murders committed, touching on themes and fears inspired by the world of psychoanalysis.

Defining himself as “the greatest killer of his films in cinema”; even today it is easy to identify personalities within his films, often touched by childhood trauma; fetishes; perverse deviations e fit of madness; hiding in the most harmless gestures or in the characters marginalized and sidelined by society.

Nightmares and deadly thoughts unite in sensations and emotions capable of penetrating deeply into the scenes represented, until they turn into real mental puzzles to be reconstructed while watching. Piece after piece, with a refined vein towards the esoteric and everything that seems to cross over between the sacred and the profane; the frames follow one another in a continuous tickle of images and sounds able to unleash the deepest fears.

Dario Argento: a master… thrilling!

Combined with the bright and penetrating colors of the films (as in the case of Suspiria and Profondo Rosso), often accentuated by the use of a photograph capable of reinforcing the sense of claustrophobia, repression and greed; spectators are continuously engulfed in a downward vortex.

Dario Argento: Black glasses. A return to the origins?

Will it really be a big comeback? A constant question that has been bouncing over the last few days on social media. Black Glasseslatest work directed by Dario Argento flanked by Ilenia Pastorelli e Asia Argento; available from February 24 on the big screen, it represents the return behind the camera of the director himself.

After more than ten years of silence caused by the unsuccessful experimental film by Dracula 3Dthe director has decided to use all his strength and energy in a “unique” and reconciling film of the past.

Kept in a drawer for years, the script was co-written years earlier with Franco Ferrini (already known for the Phenomena script), Dario Argento tries once again to take back the reins of directing with this new project.

Thriller with horror veins (with a splash of supernatural and esoteric elements); takes place in a Rome presented under an eclipse of the Sun, on a torrid summer day. The typically Argentinian omen of darkness and darkness envelop the innocent protagonist Diana (Ilenia Pastorelli). The figure of a ruthless killer moves in her shadow, tormenting the young victim and anyone who finds himself next to her. A continuous succession of manic obsession, blood, depravity and fear; with a thriller that revolves around the theme of blindness, light and shadows.

Previewed in the course 72nd edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (Special Gala), will be distributed in Italy by Vision Distribution.

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