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Darkness and Bones, the first images of the second season

The first video that takes a look at the second season of Darkness and Bones, General Kirigan ready to return more evil than ever and he is not alone

Almost two years later there are no traces of the trailer for the second season of Darkness and Bones. During the first day of Netflix Geeked Week 2021, however, the streaming platform officially confirmed the return of the series with a second season.

The cast of the series appeared on video to thank fans for their strong requests for new episodes.

Making a rather obvious joke, we can say that fans conjured a season 2 just like Alina conjures light.

Darkness and Bones what we have seen of the second season

In any case, the clip is not yet even a teaser of the new episodes, but the actors have anticipated the arrival of the new chapter soon on Netflix.

Darkness and Bones, the first images of the second season

Jessie Li Mei, Amita Suman, Ben Barnes, Freddy Carter, Danielle Galligan, Archie Renaux, Kit Young and Calahan Skogman appear in the video. They reveal that they will return to play their characters in upcoming episodes.

The video of the second season of Darkness and Bones during the Netflix TUDUM

During the Netflix TUDUM a little sneak peek at the new season was given, as well as the new characters that will join the cast.

Furthermore, on February 14, a video was published where Ben Barnes’ character is ready to come back as bad as ever and he’s not alone.

We are still waiting for an official trailer of the second season of Darkness and Bones.

Usually Netflix publishes videos that anticipate the debut of new episodes only a month before the release of the series. One can assume it will do the same thing for Darkness and Bones as well.

We still don’t know when the series will debut on the platform, consequently we cannot even know when the official trailer will be released. However, TUDUM has revealed to us that the new episodes will arrive in the course of 2023.

The story of season 2 the second novel in the Grisha trilogy will followtitled Siege and Storm, also including the continuation of the story of the Crows, from the Sei di Corvi duology.

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