Das Keyboard: presented the new MacTigr keyboard

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The Das Keyboard company presents its new MacTigr keyboard. A low-profile mechanical keyboard for Mac

The keyboard (click here for more info on the company), a leader in mechanical keyboards, today announced the introduction of MacTigr. This is a modern low-profile mechanical keyboard designed for Mac. The new MacTigr has a elegant and modern design made with the highest quality components to create the best typing experience on Mac. The MacTigr has Mac-specific keys, Cherry MX mechanical switches low profile Red e You covered the PBT low profile double snap. And again, hub USB-C superspeed a 2 porte, volume knob, sleep button and multimedia controls. Enclosed entirely in metal, the slim housing features a heavy-duty matte black stainless steel top. Plus, we have an aluminum unibody, gunmetal gray, making it extremely stiff and durable.

Das Keyboard: presented the new MacTigr keyboard

Statements regarding the new MacTigr Das Keyboard

Below are the first statements regarding the new MacTigr Das Keyboard.

Mac users have been deprived of high-quality mechanical keyboards designed specifically for macOS,

he has declared Daniel Guermeur, co-founder and CEO of Das Keyboard. Which he then continued, stating that:

Our new MacTigr is built to last and helps users achieve the highest levels of productivity and creativity, while low-profile switches and PBT soft keycaps produce flexible and satisfying action, making you feel like typing on a cloud. We’ve brought together the best of both worlds – durable design and functionality – for a premium typing experience on the Mac. This is the Mac keyboard the most experienced will love to use.

MacTigr is theideal for professional Mac users who need the best tool to do their job: tools that increase user experience and productivity.

Das Keyboard: presented the new MacTigr keyboard

Technical features

Technical features of the new MacTigr include:

  • Ultra slim design to make a bold statement
  • 100% metal body
  • Cherry MX low profile red linear switches are designed to withstand 100 million keystrokes
  • Keycaps PBT double-shot low profile (US layout only)
  • Hub USB-C a 2 porte for incredibly fast data transfer and charging speeds
  • Improved layout a 105 keys with command and option keys and multimedia keys to play, pause, skip, rewind, and adjust brightness
  • Soft, textured volume knob
  • Dedicated sleep control to save energy and help the planet
  • Full-NKRO allows users to press multiple keys at the same time and is great for gaming

Das Keyboard: presented the new MacTigr keyboard

Prices and availability

The new MacTigr has a price of about 219.00 dollars with availability in the US via Das Keyboard, Amazon and online retailers starting August 16. It will be available in Europe via Das Keyboard Germany and internationally via other resellers at mid September 2022. Find out more about MacTigr by visiting the site.

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