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Now you can post reels from Instagram to Facebook

Despite some missteps with InstagramMeta continues to commit itself so that i Reels become a larger component of its apps, in an effort to better compete with TikTok. The company is in fact introducing several updates to the Reels from Instagramespecially from the side of Facebook. Let’s find out all the details together.

Posting reels from Instagram to Facebook: now it’s easier

Instagram Reels

First of all, all users can now post Reels da Instagram a Facebook with a simple button. Meta suggests that this can help creators grow their audience on apps ea monetize their content on both platforms.

Also, Facebook now offers a way to automatically create Reels using the Stories already shared. The idea is to help people create Reels with little additional effort. Facebook also introduced more Reel remix options, which Meta had previously introduced on Instagram. Now you can show your video after the original Reel you are remixing, as well as having the option side-by-side.

The adhesive It’s your turn, which became popular in Stories, is now coming to Reels on Instagram and Facebook. The idea is that of encourage other users to join a trend. If you create a It’s Yours Prompt, each Reel that uses the adhesive will appear on a dedicated page. Also, the person who created the prompt will be prominently displayed on the page. So, if a trend Your Turn takes off and you are the proponent of it, this could help you grow your audience.

Meanwhile, the tip function of Facebook Stars will soon be available to all eligible creators on the platform. Creators will also have access to a greater number of Reels insights through Creator Studio (with metrics including reach, view minutes, and average watch time) to help them understand what content works for their audience.

Meta still has a long way to go to reach TikTok, but perhaps these features will help, especially as engagement with the Reels is growing on both platforms.

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