Day Zero arrives, the first novel dedicated to Watch Dogs

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A dark and oppressive London, where technology allows you to follow each inhabitant step by step. A private military company that is about to effectively replace the police. A resistance that is forming in the shadows, thanks to the efforts of skilled hackers. All this is Day Zero, the first novel by Aconyte Books dedicated to the universe of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s successful video game series.

Here comes Day Zero, the novel dedicated to Watch Dogs

Day Zero mischia atmosfere cyberpunk, noir and sci-fi transporting the reader to a dystopian London, which is facing total decline: people are oppressed by a state of all-seeing surveillance, private militias control the streets and a fearsome criminal organization plunders the weakest.

Here the protagonists of the story move: a young and fierce politician, for whom the series of murders that hit the city represents the perfect opportunity to get noticed, a former MMA fighter in deep trouble and whose survival depends from the secrets of a dead man, a mercenary who enters into a contract with the big company that is entering every corner of society, threatening the freedom of the people, and finally what looks like a simple bellboy who has just entered the resistance movement called DedSec.

Written jointly by James Swallow, author of over fifty best sellers and Josh Reynolds, known for successful books, including, The Wrath of N’Kai, Day Zero is the prequel to Watch Dogs: Legion, the latest chapter in the successful Ubisoft video game saga.

Here are all the details about the book:

Title: Watch Dogs: Legion – Day Zero
Author: Josh Reynolds e James Swallow
Type: Action & Adventure, Thriller
Exit date: December 2021
Pages: 336
Retail price: €16,90