From 2030 Peugeot will only sell electric cars: the surprise announcement

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On a day full of news for the Stellantis Group, the CEO of the Peugeot brand, Linda Jackson, to turn the cards again. In fact, in an interview Jackson announced that from 2030 Peugeot will sell exclusively electric cars in Europe. The news came as a surprise after Peugeot, during the Stellantis EV Day in July, declared it was aiming for complete electrification but without specifying when it would become 100% electric. Now, however, we know it, and let’s try to understand the reasons and repercussions of this choice.

From 2030, Peugeot will only sell electric cars: the path of the most virtuous of the “greats” of the Stellantis Group

An announcement that is surprising for its timing and for the absence of a “canonical” press conference, but which is not surprising seeing the path of the House of the Lion in recent years. At the moment, in fact, within the Stellantis galaxy it is precisely Peugeot that is the most virtuous manufacturer. Excluding the outdated and close to retirement 108 and the SUV 5008, in fact, 70% of the Peugeot range is already electrified. Among the small 208 and 2008 available in fully electric versions, the larger 308, 508 and 3008 equipped with different plug-in hybrid versions, the Sochaux company is the most advanced in the race to electrification.

The French brand had in fact declared of aim for 100% of the electrified range by 2025, that is to have every model available with hybrid or electric power. All this, however, had been carried out so far without declaring a date for the switch to the production of electric cars only. Even at Stellantis EV Day, the day the Italian-French Group declared its intentions for the various brands in its portfolio, Peugeot had not given a deadline for its transition.

The deadline, however, arrived today. Interviewed by colleagues from Automotive News Europe, Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson finally gave one date for the electric transition of Peugeot, 2030. In just over 8 years, therefore, all the Peugeots listed in Europe will be fully electric. In addition, Jackson also stated that the arrival of 100% of the electrified models will be anticipated from 2025 to 2024, so in about 2 years.

At what point is the House of the Lion? Two out of 10 customers choose 208 battery-powered

Peugeot will not be the first Stellantis Group brand to become 100% electric on European soil. The Italian-French Group, in fact, is preparing for a real one electric vehicle offensive, aiming to become the first zero-emission car manufacturer. To open the dances will be Abarth and DS, in 2024, followed by Lancia in 2026, Alfa Romeo in 2027 and Opel in 2028.

However, it will be one of the great brands of the Group Peugeot the first to step on the accelerator on electrification. But where is Peugeot in view of this epochal change? We can say without fear that, to date, Peugeot is the “big” best fit for this transition. As mentioned, in fact, already today 70% of Peugeot models are electrified, including hybrid and electric cars. With the exit of 108 and 5008, which will not have direct substitutes at least for the moment, the percentage will already rise to 100%. In addition, Peugeot has already stated that the next generation of the much loved 3008 SUV will be equipped with an electric version from the beginning.

And today, what are the electric cars produced by Peugeot? At the moment, in the Peugeot range there are two electric cars, the e-208 and the e-2008. After the experimental iOn of the early ’10s, Peugeot has decided to get serious with these two electric proposals. Based on the same platform, the CMP, and equipped with the same mechanics (136 HP engine and 50 kWh), the two cars are among the best-selling electric cars in Europe. In detail, Peugeot e-208 ranks eighth among the best-selling electric cars in Europe. Linda Jackson herself stated that two out of 10 customers choose the 208 in the electric version. This is an excellent result for Peugeot, which expected a halved percentage, between 8 and 10% of e-208s sold compared to the thermal version.

The e-2008, on the other hand, has not yet obtained the same approval rating. While in October 2021 the Peugeot 2008 was the best-selling car in all of Europe, customers who choose the electric version are still between 10 and 15%. According to Jackson, the reason is that those who buy a 2008 choose it as first car. For this use, the electric version with its 320 km of WLTP autonomy does not offer sufficient autonomy to pass the fears of the most skeptical customers, determined to choose traditional cars capable of ensuring adequate autonomy for the first family car.

The future: for 2030 Peugeot will focus on STLA architecture

However, this detail will certainly not stop Peugeot, which looks to 2030 with impatience and confidence. The new 308, arriving in dealerships in the coming weeks, will see a fully electric version in the next few years. The future of Peugeot, however, will be based on the next ones Stellantis modular platforms, the STLA. With their debut, coupled with increasingly efficient and capable battery technology, Peugeot thinks it is capable of revolutionizing the European automobile market.

The road to Peugeot’s 100% electric by 2030 is marked, at least in Europe. The House of the Lion in fact declared that cwill continue to offer internal combustion engines in emerging and less ready markets. For the Old Continent, however, the road is marked: by 2030, the Peugeot Leone will be fully electric. With this move, Stellantis loudly declares his aim to become Europe’s number one electric car manufacturer. Will he succeed? Surely, in the coming months we will see many models ready to revolutionize the market. And you? What do you think of this new era of Peugeot? Let us know below in the comments – it’s your time.

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