Days Gone 2: the petition to create the chapter has exceeded 55 thousand signatures

In recent days, a petition has been launched to save Days Gone 2. More than 55 thousand signatures who would like a new chapter of the brand, let’s find out more in this news

Will Days Gone have a future? This is the question that many users and fans of the game have been asking themselves in recent weeks. Everything, above all, following the news related to the next Uncharted which, according to what Sony said, Bend Studio, the company in charge of production starring the motorcyclist Deacon, will take care of it. More than 55 thousand people, however, they hope for a Days Gone 2, and they signed one of them petition to make it happen.

The petition for Days Gone 2 went straight to Jeff Ross

The petition to proceed with the realization of Days Gone 2 was signed by more than 55 thousand people and the news came directly to Jeff Ross, creative director of the work. Ross himself punctually tweeted on his official account i thanks to all users who have brought forward this petition and this “fight” to make Days Gone 2 come true and become reality. We will also leave you, if you wish, the link to access the petition. Meanwhile, here is Jeff Ross’s tweet:

Days Gone is also included among the free titles of the PlayStation Plus of April 2021 and will be so until the first days of May, before it is replaced by upcoming games next month. Precisely for this reason we have decided to bring back to general attention some of the most useful and interesting guides. Here are some tips to start approaching the game, as well as a small guide related to the maintenance of your main vehicle, the motorcycle and another guide related to the list of trophies. Let us know what you think of the game and the possibility of having a Days Gone 2! Also know that the game will soon arrive on PC too!

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