Days Gone: how to unlock the secret ending

Days Gone: how to unlock the secret ending

Days Gone, the open world action-adventure published 2 years ago, has been placed as an offer of the month on PS Plus: here is a guide to the secret ending of the game

Developed by Sony Bend Studios and released two years ago as the flagship game of the title park in Sony exclusive, Days Gone was received in a rather particular way. Under the surface of a classic action-adventure open world in fact, you could find particular mechanics, which tried to make the game experience more immersiva possible, as Sony has now accustomed us with their first-party titles. Precisely for these peculiarities, in addition to the fact that it was a totally new IP, the title was the subject of a lukewarm reception by critics and the public, which also seems to dissuaded Sony from continuing the brand.

Thanks to PS Plus April Free Games however, users who want to recover it can do so at no additional cost: we, for our part, will offer you this guide which, together with others, will be able to give you a hand in your experience. Hoping that then it can change public opinion on this actually very valid title, here is our guide to the secret ending of Days Gone.

A secret ending?

Yes, exactly, you got it right. Days Gone also has a secret ending. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to actually unlock: to access the final quest leading up to this epilogue, you will need to have completed some of the secondary activities first which provides the title. Clearly, in an open world in line with the triple A standards of the market, there are many activities to be done, because the intention is to keep the player busy for as many hours as possible, so that he retains as much loyalty as possible. possible to the brand and the product. Avoiding getting lost in other unnecessary chat, let’s proceed to explain what we need to do in practice: in the next paragraph of this guide to the secret ending of Days Gone, we will see what you will need to complete to unlock it. Beware of spoilers, although they can be considered minors.

Days Gone: how to unlock the secret ending

What is there to complete first? – Days Gone: guide to the secret ending

What are these activities to complete in order to unlock the final mission? First of all, you have to face all the hordes of furious present in the game. There are, in all, 40. They are not few, they will take your time, but with the right dedication you can reach the goal of completing them all. In addition to this, other secondary activities are to be completed (even some of those that, at first glance, may seem completely useless): complete all ambushes, and furthermore all the components of that strange and cryptic one are also to be collected HICP technology, of which very little is explained, but which will be indispensable to unlock the secret ending

Days Gone: how to unlock the secret ending

Now let’s get to the heart – Days Gone: guide to the secret ending

So after I’ve completed everything? At this point we get to the heart. After doing all the final main story missions, and having seen the credits, the player will have the option to return to the game world to eventually complete the other side tasks. When they are all completed, you will have to wait until he contacts you O’Brian, the NERO scientist: in the message he will send you he will ask you to meet him. At this point, the quest will begin “There’s Nothing You Can Do”, and the procedure will be simple: you will have to go to theOld Pioneer Cemetary (as you will be instructed), talk to Bryan, and prepare for gigantic twists that will be revealed to you. Having therefore seen the secret ending of Days Gone, someone may wonder what happens next: in the next paragraph of this guide, we will explain it briefly.

Days Gone: how to unlock the secret ending

And what happens next?

Once this important quest is over, some interesting news will be unlocked. First of all, the possibility of creating, through all that IPCA technology you did not know before, a new weapon will be unlocked: it is the IPCA stun gun, a tribute to the Siphon Filter saga for PS1 developed by Sony Bend. Also, a new motorcycle design called Finding NERO.

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