Days Gone: official release date on PC

Days Gone: official release date on PC

The release date of Days Gone on PC has finally been revealed. Let’s see together when it will arrive on Steam and on the Epic Games Store

One of the exclusive open world survival horror of PlayStation finally it is also coming to PC. For those who still do not know the title, I invite you to read our adventure between zombies and crazy bikers. To do this you just have to click here. Let’s see now when the Days Gone release date on PC and what improvements the developers have made at this launch.

Here is the release date of Days Gone on PC

Before seeing when the title will land on our clients of Steam ed Epic Games Store, let’s see what are the improvements made by the developers. The first and perhaps one of the most important updates concerns the support for ultra-wide 21: 9 monitor. This also leads to a framerate unlocked which will allow us to experience an even more immersive adventure. Also important below the graphic level is the visual customization ranging from increasing the level of detail to visual depth.

Of considerable importance is also the possibility of play via original or third party controller. However, being this version on PC, obviously the mouse and keyboard support which will surely make our adventure even more picturesque. On the social side, however, there is an implementation of the photo mode. For this version, in fact, a very high resolution photo mode will be released, which will allow us to capture every little detail during our adventure.

But when will this fantastic exclusive arrive on our monitors? The release date of Days Gone on PC is scheduled for the next May 18, 2021 at the recommended price of € 49.99, but you can already find it on discount on Instant Gaming. For the system requirements details, I invite you to read our article by clicking here. I also remind you that always on the site you will find guides relating to the game. In order not to miss further news, keep following the pages of!

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