Dazn: angry fans for Sampdoria-Napoli and Turin-Lazio

Tifosi infuriati sui social per i disservizi DAZN thumbnail

Numerous problems during Sampdoria-Napoli and Torino-Lazio prevented many fans from enjoying the two Serie A matches on DAZN. This is error 10000.

DAZN’s 10000 error: angry fans on social media

The Serie A streaming experiment, for now, is proving to be a real fiasco. After the initial problems, which in reality have never been resolved, now the total defeat: DAZN from black screen. A situation that has bothered the many fans intent on following the matches of Sampdoria-Napoli and Torino-Lazio. Error 10000, as shown by the screenshots, mainly concerns smart TVs and computers. A little better, but it would be an understatement, the use from mobile.

The situation is no longer calm on social media, where obviously there is no lack of fierce criticism. Just search for the hashtag #DAZN su Twitter to read about each. But in reality, perhaps, it would be enough to open the Facebook home. The message that appears on the screen is as much didactic as it is irritating: “something went wrong”.
A “ridiculous situation” comments someone, but the most sarcastic and sincere summary is made by a twitter user, who writes “Something went wrong is true: having given all rights to DAZN”

We will see if the situation improves, meanwhile the Chamber of Deputies has also requested greater transparency from the streaming service.