Polestar and StoreDot charge the Polestar 5 prototype from 10 to 80% in 10 minutes

Polestar and StoreDot: their collaboration and the new XFC technology have allowed the Polestar 5 prototype to be recharged from 10 to 80% in 10 minutes

Polestar and StoreDot recently made a major breakthrough in fast-charging battery technology. Demonstrating successfully the integration of StoreDot Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) technology into a car for the first time. This collaboration allowed a Polestar 5 prototype to be charged from 10% to 80% in just 10 minutes. During testing, the fully functional prototype it maintained a constant charging rate of 310 kWreaching a peak of over 370 kW at the end of the charging process.

This demonstration, unique in the world, represents an important milestone in the automotive sector. This because it allowed a vehicle to be quickly charged in real driving conditionsinstead of in the laboratory. This success is a testament to Polestar's commitment to offering cutting-edge driving experiences through innovative technology partnerships.

Polestar and StoreDot charge the Polestar 5 prototype from 10 to 80% in 10 minutesPolestar and StoreDot charge the Polestar 5 prototype from 10 to 80% in 10 minutes

Polestar and StoreDot: XFC technology

77 kWh battery pack specially designed and potentially capable of reaching 100 kWh. This could provide an additional range of 320 km in just 10 minutes of charging to a medium-sized electric car. The XFC test, conducted jointly by Polestar and StoreDot, aims to demonstrate the basic concept of XFC technology and its possible application to future Polestar vehicles. Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, highlighted the importance of addressing charging anxiety, a major barrier to EV adoption.

XFC technology will allow drivers to spend less time charging while traveling longer. Making the charging experience more similar to that of a traditional fuel vehicle. StoreDot's XFC technology uses silicon cells with an energy density similar to modern NMC cells, but without requiring special cooling systems in the vehicle. These batteries offer a combination of mechanical properties, cooling capacity and light weight, helping to keep the vehicle's weight at optimal levels.

The test results

The test demonstrated a constant charging speed with no significant changes in the efficiency or speed of the process, regardless of the state of charge of the battery. It is important to note that XFC technology is compatible with existing charging infrastructure. Ensuring that consumers can benefit from significantly reduced charging times. Doron Myersdorf, CEO di StoreDot, emphasized that extremely fast charging technology is critical to the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles. XFC innovation eliminates charging anxiety, allowing drivers to travel long distances with the same freedom and convenience as traditional fossil fuel vehicles.

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