DAZN arriva su Tivùsat: come accedere al nuovo canale thumbnail

DAZN arrives on Tivùsat: here’s how it works

Among the new arrivals for the next sports season which will start in August is the debut of DAZN on Tivùsat. Thanks to a new agreement, in fact, the DAZN Zone channel it will also be available for Tivùsat users and not only for Sky subscribers. To watch the channel of the streaming platform dedicated to the world of sport on Tivùsat, an extra cost will be required.

How to watch DAZN on Tivùsat

DAZN subscribers (with a Standard or Plus plan) will be able to access the Zone DAZN channel on Tivùsat. The channel will be visible at number 214 of the Tivùsat remote control and will allow you to follow Serie A matches via satellite.

To access the channel, Tivùsat users will have to activate a DAZN subscription (thus being able to access the platform also in streaming) and then they will have to activate the “DAZN zone on Tivùsat” option. This option can be activated directly from your account page on the DAZN website.

At the moment, the cost has not yet been made official but, exactly as with Sky, Zona DAZN should involve a extra cost of 5 euros per month for Tivùsat users (in addition to the cost of the monthly subscription to DAZN).

More details on this will come shortly. It should be noted that DAZN has also announced the launch of the annual subscriptions which will allow you to activate a subscription with savings on spending but with payment in a single solution. DAZN Standard will cost 299.99 euros while DAZN Plus will cost 399.99 euros.

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