Cupra Tavascan debuts in Formula E during the Rome E-Prix

Cupra Tavascan scende in pista nel Rome E-Prix di Formula E thumbnail

Now here we are, Cupra Tavascan debuts and takes to the track in the Rome E-Prix of Formula E.

Cupra Tavascan takes to the track in the Rome E Prix of Formula E, press office source

The Capitoline track warms up the electric motors

During the Capitoline E-Prixe the new Tavascan, at the Cupra Race Suite Casa 900, the hospitality of the Spanish sports brand. Not only does it catalyze the attention of those present, but it can be admired in all its splendor from the point of view of design and technology.

Cupra Tavascan winks at the electric future

It is the first electric SUV of the Spanish house. We saw the Tavascan at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019. Above all, its claim confirms itself as ‘the dream of the brand’.

Tavascan joins the others plug-in hybrid variants and electric models of the House, from the Leon Sportstourer to the Formentor, without forgetting the fast and fun Born.

It’s about the Terramara zero-emission model that was born on the basis of the UrbanRevel concept, but also a complete renewal of the current range will bring a further breath of fresh air to the house of a Brand that constantly aims to surpass the already remarkable performances, in terms of sales and image, achieved in a few years.

The car produced in the plant in Anhiu (China) owned by the Volkswagen Group boasts a goal. That of reaching and exceeding 70,000 units sold per year. Finally, the Tavascan will be available on the market from 2024.

Cupra Tavascan takes to the track in the Rome E Prix of Formula E, press office source

Cupra Tavascan takes to the track in the Rome E Prix of Formula E, press office source

Cupra Tavascan takes to the track in the Rome E Prix of Formula E, press office source

Cupra Tavascan takes to the track in the Rome E Prix of Formula E, press office source

Directly from the MEB platform

The new Tavascan was born on MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group. Available available with two power options.

While the 280 horsepower rear-wheel drive variant, the most powerful, the VZ, makes use of a pair of electric units, one for each axle, for a total power of 340 horsepower. The total range is about 550 km with a single energy recharge.


The SUV is 4,644 meters long, 1,861 meters wide and 1,597 meters high. Its wheelbase is 2.766 meters. Its futuristic look, characterized by a new luminous signature with three triangles.

The optical groups make use of the Matrix LED technology, for a wide and safe lighting. This avoids dazzling vehicles traveling both in the opposite direction and in the same direction of travel.

Other feature, Tavascan it is one of the first European models to have the illuminated logo. In the side view it is clear how much the Spanish technicians have given impetus to a car body that still has SUV dimensions and proportions, the glossy black A-pillar and the inclined windshield are a clear indication of the sporting ambitions of a 100% electric car.

The rims come in 19, 20 and 21 inches, have an aerodynamic design whose function is to direct the air flows, reducing turbulence in order to make the car even more efficient.

Cupra Tavascan takes to the track in the Rome E Prix of Formula E, press office source

so much technology

Available in six colors: Blue Tavascan, Bianco Silver, Atacama Desert, Gray Uranus, Rosso Hypernovae Century Bronze opaco.

While, in the passenger compartment, the central element is the backbone, a structural element on which the entire passenger compartment is built. The sports seats are synonymous with lightness, those are also available on request CUP Basket which further enhance the exclusivity of a model created to amaze, the dashboard is dominated by the central 15-inch floating screen, the HMI interface is also new which makes operation simpler and more intuitive.

The lighting also plays a key role in creating an atmosphere worthy of a revolutionary car, thanks to the LED technology present throughout the cabin, including the front and rear door panels, it is possible to personalize the environment.

Cupra Tavascan takes to the track in the Rome E Prix of Formula E, press office source

The copper finishes are a typical element of the brand Cuprain order to provide passengers with maximum driving comfort, the internal space has been optimised, starting also from the 540-litre load compartment with electric tailgate.

The thruster

The engine with the combined power of the system is 340 horsepower (250 kW) for a maximum torque of 543 Nm for the rear engine and 134 Nm for the front one. Six driving modes: Range, Comfort, Performance, Cupra, Individual and Traction.

Il permanent synchronous motor reaches a rotation speed of 13,000 rpm, the torque is distributed through a single-speed transmission with differential that makes delivery more fluid. The front synchronous motor weighs only 60 kg, with no clutch at all, being an electric vehicle.

In the end, Cupra Tavascan VZ it reaches 50 km/h from standstill in just 2.4 seconds and 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds. The battery pack is water-cooled and consists of prismatic cell modules housed in an aluminum structure placed at the bottom.


For the recharging times, for a full tank to cover 100 km, it takes about 7 minutes, to go from 10 to 80% of the maximum capacity, about half an hour in the presence of a recharging station with a power of at least 135 kW. Recharging can take place either at alternating current (AC)both a direct current (DC).

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