Dazn is convened by the government to clarify

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The Italian government, in the person of the minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and the undersecretary Anna Ascani has called for Tuesday 16 November at Ministry of Economic Development the vertices of dazn to clarify the latest decisions taken by the company that also owns the TV rights of the Italian Serie A football matches, as well as on the inefficiencies that emerged on several occasions during the first weeks of the championship.

Dazn convened by the Government: the company must clarify its work

According to what was reported by the editorial staff of de The sun 24 hours, from mid-December it will no longer be possible to use two users with a single subscription unless the two devices are connected to the same fixed network. The company’s decision has aroused numerous controversies among fans, enthusiasts, consumer associations, but also in the political sphere, as evidenced by the recent convocation by Minister Giorgetti.

It is no coincidence that in the past few hours, Daniele Belotti, group leader in the Culture Committee of the Chamber, e Massimiliano Capitanio, Secretary of the Parliamentary Commission for the supervision of radio and television services, expressed concern about the recent conduct adopted by the company. Here is what we read in the note presented by the two politicians

“We express concern about the press rumors that announce Dazn’s decision to block, starting from mid-December, the possibility of using multiple devices at the same time and even more by the silent assent of the leaders of the English platform, also presenting a question urgent to the Undersecretary for Sport to immediately convene the management of the company to understand the intentions regarding season tickets for sporting events, in particular Serie A football ».

At this point the Democratic Party also intervened and requested a question from the ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti and Vittorio Colao, underlining that Dazn’s decision “not foreseen by the general contract conditions, could cause considerable damage in the use of the service and is, therefore, generating much criticism and concern among fans”.