Xbox Game Pass is giving away three months of Crunchyroll membership

Gli abbonati a Xbox Game Pass potranno godere di tre mesi gratuiti di Crunchyroll thumbnail

A somewhat bizarre offer, given that Crunchyroll is a Sony-owned streaming service. But it’s all true: Xbox Game Pass is giving away three months of subscription to the platform.

Crunchyroll: the streaming service to watch anime is free with Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is giving away a subscription to a Sony service. No, it’s not a crossover episode of some incredible video game: but a new promotion for subscribers to Xbox Game Pass. The offer provides three months free of Crunchyroll, Sony’s streaming service dedicated to the world of anime, for all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. In reality, this is not the first time that Microsoft has given away trial subscriptions to third-party services. In the past it has done so with Disney + and Spotify, although this is the first time this has happened with a direct competitor. Could this be the beginning of new collaborations between the two giants? After all, it has already happened that titles developed by Sony-owned San Diego Studios – such as MLB The Show 21 – have ended up in Microsoft’s Game Pass catalog.

However, this is a particularly exciting time for Game Pass subscribers: today it has been added to the catalog Forza Horizon 5, yesterday Football Manager 2022 and tomorrow the arrival of the highly anticipated and iconic is expected GTA San Andreas Remastered Edition. Read also our article dedicated to this month’s news not to miss the many titles coming up for subscribers to the Microsoft service.