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DAZN: “Party” makes the viewing experience more interactive

Here comes the “Party” function on DAZN that allows you to make the experience while watching a game more interactive. Let’s find out the details

Upon release in the Spanish market, DAZN’s “Party” also arrives in Italy. The new interactive feature allows fans to live the viewing experience in the app in an even more engaging and social way, remaining within the same digital ecosystem. But how will this new tool now available to all fans work? Let’s find out together.

Everything you need to know about DAZN’s new “Party” feature

With this new function, it is possible to share the emotions of great football with other fans and DAZN talent. Cheering for your team will be easier and more engaging through a live chat activated in the app clicking ‘Join Party’ to send comments, emoticons, stickers and GIFsbut also participate in dedicated surveys.

After the test phase started by DAZN XDAZN’s technology and innovation hub working to bring an immersive and interactive experience to the sports streaming service, which saw 65% of engaged fans in the first trial interact positively with the feature, this new feature will be available to everyone starting this weekend on ZONA Serie BKT, to follow and comment on all matches simultaneously in this season finale. If you have not yet subscribed to the service of the London-based company, you can do so via this link. Stephen Azzi, CEO of DAZN Italycommented the following:

The habit of following content and commenting on it via a “second screen” such as a smartphone represents a strategic opportunity for us: to increase viewing involvement in the app, making the fan even more a participant and protagonist, even when following the event from remote. And it is precisely to respond to this growing way of consuming content that DAZN’s “Party” was born. We are entering a new phase in the development of our brand whose final goal is to make DAZN what in jargon is called a one-stop-shop, a single place where fans can easily and fully experience their sporting passion in a more and more immersive.

The connection between sport and technology is increasingly important and is leading the content consumption to the next level even more interactive. According to a recent study conducted globally by the consulting firm MIDiA Research49% of sports fans who consume content do so while performing other activities at the same time: in just one year, daily social media usage while consuming digital entertainment increased from 4.8 hours to 5.2 hours.

A growing type of consumption that sees strong interest on the part of the younger generations consume content in less traditional ways, with 62% of people aged between 16 and 19 enjoying audiovisual content from their smartphone. What do you think of this new DAZN feature? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the web and social universe, continue to follow!

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