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Apex Legends: Arsenal, the new trailer presents the skills of Ballistic, the new legend!

The new trailer of Apex Legends: Arsenale presents the skills of Ballistic, the new legend that will become part of the roster of the battle royale (and not only) from Respawn

August Montgomery Brinkman was once the Thunderdome Games’ top contender under the Ballistic name, where he fought with wild bravado. After two decades in hiding, he’s ready to make his Apex Games debut and teach his enemies some manners. Ballistic becomes the 24th Legend on the Apex Legends roster which will make its debut with the new season (Arsenale), which will be available from 9 maggio for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC, and his abilities were showcased in a new trailer released by Respawn and Electronic Arts:

Apex Legends: Arsenal, Ballistic skills in detail

Here are the skills of Ballistic, the new legend of Apex Legends:

  • Passive Skill – Shoulder Strap: What’s better than two weapons? How about three? Ballistic is able to store a third weapon in its Shoulder Strap, accessible via the Inventory or Character Action. However, the Shoulder Strap cannot be equipped with attachments, but the more artillery the better.
  • Tactical Skill – Masterstroke: Opponents must keep an eye out as Ballistic can fire a projectile that heats up enemies’ weapon as they open fire. Overheating causes damage. Press and hold the tactical skill button to lock onto the target.
  • Ultimate Skill – Storm: Luckily Ballistic is a team player! By activating Storm near teammates, you get faster reloads, faster weapon movement, and infinite ammo. Since Ballistic is crazy about fashion, Storm also allows you to upgrade the Shoulder Strap and make it gold.

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