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Dazn, second day of the championship without any problems

Let’s face it: at the start of the season, it is not only the Serie A teams that are under the magnifying glass, which for more than half have changed coaches.

After the rather disastrous debut of the first day, Special note of this second round of matches was also Dazn. That is the London-based platform that this year (and in the next three) will broadcast Serie A in streaming, with 7 exclusive and 3 co-exclusive matches.

So, at the dawn of the second day of the Serie A football championship Tim, how did Dazn behave? Have the problems that infuriated the fans on the opening day repeated themselves?

Dazn and the second day of the Serie A championship

It is certainly too early to say that Dazn’s problems have subsided. But certainly it can be said that during the second day of the championship there were no particular reports of misunderstandings by the spectators of the platform.

And after the at least eventful first day (and knowing the attitude of lamentation and teasing via social media), if everything is silent it means that this time the app that allows you to watch Serie A in streaming has behaved in an excellent way.


Dazn diligent in the comments

Moreover, to take a look at the comments on social media, there are some protest voices. AND Dazn’s diligence should be noted, responding promptly (and quickly) to every critical comment on the quality of the service, inviting you to provide further information. Or, most of the time, suggesting to consult the guide on the official website.

What happened last Sunday

Of course, to stay in the football field, it is as if we were now at 1-1. After a heavy defeat at the debut in the league, today the streaming app scores a point in its favor.

We remember that on the first day of the Serie A Tim championship, Dazn encountered major problems especially in the Inter-Genoa advance match, played in Milan on Saturday 21 August at 18.00.

Shortly after kick-off, many viewers watched the match between multiple interruptions and poor streaming quality. Up to 20 blocks of images were counted in half an hour, well beyond the optimistic press release from the company which spoke of a 3-minute mistake, and which involved a “not numerically important” share of spectators.

The controversy

The fans, also mindful of Dazn’s problems in the last championship, were divided: the most benevolent limited themselves to spread some sarcastic meme on the net, others complained in a conspicuous way demanding the reimbursement of the season ticket.

Codacons became spokesperson for the protest, which asked for “immediate reimbursements in favor of all subscribers due to the impossibility of using the service purchased. Those who, in fact, are in possession of Dazn packages and have not been able to watch the match on TV, or have suffered continuous signal interruptions, have the right, according to the Civil Code, to obtain a refund of the amount paid, in proportion to the inconvenience suffered. “.

dazn problems

Developments in the dispute

The second day of the Serie A Tim championship was a really important testing ground for Dazn.

Indeed, after the problems during Inter-Genoa, Agcom (Authority for communications guarantees) “announced that the constant monitoring action continues, that a meeting with the company is scheduled after the second day of the championship and that the themes of the quality of the service offered to subscribers will be the subject of constant attention. And, finally, that it reserves the right to intervene with appropriate measures, even of urgency, if necessary “.

The meeting between Agcom and Dazn is therefore expected in the next few hours. And the lack of hitches on this second day presupposes at least a respite in the rather tense relations between the Authority and the platform.

What will happen

Bignami are swarming online on how to minimize Dazn streaming problems. But they are nothing more than repetitions of the guide that appears on the company’s website.

Having clarified the reasons for last week’s mistake (the peak of accesses that undermined a CDN, or a provider that distributes content on Ott platforms), Dazn apologized. He spoke of a “physiological moment of settlement”. And he promised the utmost commitment “to develop and enhance Dazn Edge, the proprietary cache for traffic management, and to further optimize processes with global CDNs.”

The dialogue with Lega Serie A also seemed fruitful. In a note, the League announced that “In a climate of strong collaboration, Dazn has provided ample reassurance on the measures that will be implemented, starting from the next round of the championship, to guarantee all users a trouble-free view of the races. “

Today the climate therefore seems serene. But only the proof of the facts, that is the streaming of the next matches (which will be played on Sunday 12 September, after the national team stop), will tell us if Dazn’s problems will really be just a memory.

Knowing full well how this controversy is also the paradigm of a little, badly and unevenly digitized Italy.

The same Agcom said it, which saw the affair as “an important driving force for the digitization of the entire country”.

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