De ‘Longhi presents the new Pinguino and the MultiGrill

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In view of the summer, De ‘Longhi is pleased to present two new proposals that will accompany you in your days of freshness and good food. Let’s find out all the details of the new one together Penguin Care4Me De ‘Longhi and del MultiGrill with thermal probe.

The new Penguin De ‘Longhi

So let’s start with the new Pinguino De ‘Longhi. It is equipped with WIFI technology and boasts a cooling capacity of 13.000 Btu/h. Basically it can be used in large rooms, up to 120 m3.

The new Pinguino De ‘Longhi, thanks to technology MyEco RealFeel and the Cool Surround Technology, is able to guarantee maximum well-being. The MyEco Real Feel function adapts the functioning of the Penguin in an intelligent way and, also through the feedback requested by the user through the app, combines temperature and humidity to reach the ideal level of well-being. All this leads to a saving of 30% on electricity consumption.

Instead, the Cool Surround Technologyautonomously directs the flow of air around the person, wrapping him in a comfort zone thanks to a special sensor that communicates the position of the user via Bluetooth technology.

Furthermore, everything can be managed through the De’Longhi Comfort App and the voice assistants Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. Finally, the exclusive Geofencing function allows automatic ignition as soon as you enter the surroundings of the house, to always find the desired temperature.

The De’Longhi MultiGrill

Longhi Penguin 2

For those who love grilling, here is the MultiGrill! The multi-purpose electric grill with heat probe has three cooking positions and is designed for total control over the preparation of each dish. With a power of 2200 Wthe grill can reach a maximum temperature of 265 ° and is ideal for 8 people.

The contact cooking mode is designed for grilling hamburgers, sandwiches and sandwiches, while the barbecue position is ideal for grilling meats and vegetables. Finally, with the oven position, it is possible to grill with the lower plate and roast with the upper one.

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