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Dead Island 2 is still in development: will it be released in 2023?

Dead Island 2 has completely disappeared from the radar since 2014, but the project has not yet been canceled and is still in development: now according to some analysts the game could be released at the beginning of 2023. The words of the CEO of Though Embracer, the production development studio, which briefly mentioned the title at a recent meeting with investors.

Dead Island 2 will arrive in 2023

To comment on the current state of work on this title was Oscar Erixon, a well-known industry analyst, who asked about the game directly to Lars Wingeforsthe CEO of the firm:

“People have somehow struck Dead Island 2 off the list of upcoming games, not knowing if it’s still alive. But obviously it is, ”Erixon said,“ At least, I expect it to be released by the end of this financial year, which is early 2023. Is that a reasonable timeline? What can we expect from the title? It has been in development for probably ten years or so. “

For its part, Wingefors responded rather cryptically: “I can’t talk about Dead Island 2 because it wasn’t announced by our publisher, but we just talked about it: we have an unannounced triple-A title, which you think is Dead Island 2. It’s hard for me to comment further. But I am thrilled with this video game that we are about to announce ”.

The CEO, put under pressure by the analyst, later confirmed that the new chapter of Dead Island it is still in development, but without going into further detail. Could he be the yet unannounced game of the software house? Considering that the video game was announced in 2014, the times would certainly be more than ripe.

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