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Dead Island 2: the game is available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

Dambuster Studios’ dam failure invades the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library: Dead Island 2 is the new game for subscribers

You read that right: the title developed by Dambuster Studiosthe multi-postponed Dead Island 2becomes part of the large family of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Initially, the arrival for subscribers to Microsoft’s deluxe service took place quietly, without any announcement, but now we have an official statement on the matter. In fact, on his blog, the jade giant defined access to the title as “unlimited”, “including the co-op functionality. So there’s no need to go alone: ​​gather your team and take on the horde together in fast-paced co-op action!” Continuing, the game description invites us to “disclose” the information in our community. here is the tweet of the development team.

When there’s no more room in hell, Dead Island 2’s zombie waves invade Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Il post concludes by calling the arrival of Dead Island 2 on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate “an opportunity you don’t want to miss. And remember, the more the merrier: invite your friends to join you in the fight for survival!” The game came out last April, placing it on the market over a million copies in just three days. For the upper echelons of Embracer Group it is rare to receive such a plebiscite, especially now that the internal restructuring has closed multiple development teams, costing the jobs of over a thousand employees. Critics generally recognized the game’s humorous merits, to the detriment of creativity in terms of gameplay. (We were more positive.) The title is the latest among the many to arrive in the library for subscribers over the course of the month, although (we remind you) availability is limited to subscribers to the deluxe service.

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