Dead Space Remake: How to Get Infinite Credits

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Let’s find out together, in this short dedicated guide, how to get infinite credits in Dead Space Remake: realize that it is a glitch, they will patch it soon!

Reddit, you know, is a wonderful place. Not always, this is true, but in many cases it is teeming with very active users in the world of video games who discover goodies, secrets and… glitches. The latter is also the case of Dead Space Remake, the remake of the 2008 original by Visceral Games which this time has been entrusted by Electronic Arts to its internal studio, Motive. Recently released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | Yes, Dead Space Remake is back to narrate Isaac’s epic adventure on the Ishimura spaceship, with some small differences from the original both in terms of gameplay and… narrative. We’ll talk about it in a dedicated article, don’t worry.

Infinite Credits in Dead Space Remake: How? Reddit tells us (obviously)!

In this case, however, we want to focus on helping you grow your portfolio. At least that of Isaac, we are not so generous. In the subReddit dedicated to the title, players have found a particularly interesting glitch that gives Isaac money and Power Nodes. The original user who figured it out is Mrthrowawaymcgee, but the video we’re referring to was created by TyberZann191. Without the necessary premises, let’s get to the heart of the matter: how to create infinite credits in Dead Space Remake (or at least until they patch it)!

Premises | Dead Space Remake: How to Get Infinite Credits

To get started, you’ll need to have them on hand 7 Energy Nodes and 15 thousand credits, as well as a safe place away from Necromorphs. Basically, our advice (and that of Reddit users) is to go to the room near the train station at the end of the first chapter. This way you will have a safe place with a shop and a workbench for upgrades. All ticks put, let’s see how it’s done.

Dead Space Remake: How to Get Infinite Credits

Dear old Pulse Rifle | Dead Space Remake: How to Get Infinite Credits

The weapon that will allow you to obtain practically infinite credits in Dead Space Remake is the Pulse Rifle, whose magazine you will have to empty using only the Proximity Mines, its secondary fire. done that, pick them up immediately and you will see that they have been converted to normal ammo. Unlocking Power Nodes allows you to reload your weapon’s ammo immediately, without the need to go running around to collect Mines.

Spam this process until you run out of Nodes at your disposal, then go to the nearest shop and sell the excess ammo. This process will allow you to get around 4000 credits with each spin, with which you can buy additional Energy Nodes and repeat the process. To infinity and beyond!

We still don’t know if Electronic Arts and Motive will patch everything, but in reality, as pointed out by the reddit user who found the glitch, there would also be an explanation, given that Isaac is an engineer and is therefore, by nature, quite practical and… ingenious. Excuse us.

Dead Space Remake: How to Get Infinite Credits


So this was like getting infinite credits in Dead Space Remake. Let us know if you have purchased the game below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the videogame and tech themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we advise you to take a look at the InstantGaming catalogue!