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Dead Space Remake Review: A Shining Star

In this review we will tell you in detail about the new remake of Dead Space developed by Motive Studio and published by Electronic Arts

If you have played and enjoyed the original Dead Spacethen surely his too remake will have attracted your attention. This new title of EA e Motive Studio in fact it promises to deliver to gamers an improved and more modern version of the iconic 2008 survival horror. However, such a promise is not easy to keep, especially considering how demanding gamers are. So if you’re curious about the actual quality of the Dead Space remake, thanks to this one review you will find all the answers to your questions.

More Cared for Characters – Dead Space Remake Review

Obviously, being a remake, the new Dead Space follows the same story as the original 2008 title. Also in this game, in fact, you will take on the role of Isaac Clarkean engineer who will have to find a way to escape from a spaceship full of monstrous creatures, at the same time trying to take his partner Nicole with him. However, although the basic story has remained almost identical, the Motive Studio team has made many small changes that contribute to make the adventure more interesting for both veterans and new players. All major plot points have remained unchanged, but the events leading up to these happenings are different and, in some cases, made better.

In this remake she also was greatly improved the characterization of all characters. The most striking example is Isaac who, from a simple silent avatar of the player, has turned into a protagonist with his own personality, but the other survivors will also be explored a lot throughout the story. In addition, thanks to the help of notes, audio messages and holograms, it is also possible to discover many extra info which contribute to making all the characters in the game even deeper.

Dead Space Remake Review: A Shining Star

Tactical Dismemberment – ​​Dead Space Remake Review

One of the main aspects that characterizes Dead Space is its particularity combat system. In fact, in this game to kill enemies efficiently you will not simply have to hit them in the classic vital points, but you will have to dismember them targeting specific parts of their body. However, the necromorphs are very varied and you will not be able to face them all in the same way. Some of them may start to behave differently based on which parts of their body you destroy first and which ones weapons you will use to do it.

In fact, in Dead Space there are several weapons that are better suited to face specific enemies. The plasma blade is perfect for precisely severing the limbs of distant creatures, while the multi-beam pistol is better suited to incapacitating multiple opponents with one blow. No new weapons were introduced in this remake, but some of those already present have been modified.

Most of the equipment has been modified only slightly, but in some specific cases, some have been made instead really radical changes. Fortunately, however, these news they don’t change the balance of the original game too muchbut they simply aim to better differentiate some weapons and make others easier to use.

Dead Space Remake Review: A Shining Star

A Modern Vision – Dead Space Remake Review

In this remake the basis of the gameplay has not been altered in any way, but the development team made some small changes to bring the experience closer to modern standards. In general, all of Isaac’s actions have been rendered more fluid, but some improvements have also been made directly from the subsequent chapters of the series. For example now the telecinesi it will no longer be limited almost exclusively to the puzzle sections, but it can certainly be used in battle much more effectively.

The biggest news, however, is certainly linked to sections a zero gravity. Originally these stages were really confusing and awkward to playsince Isaac could only walk on walls and ceilings, but now he’s finally able to fly freely like in Dead Space 2. This makes the sections zero gravity much funnier and also allowed developers to noticeably change the level design in some areas.

Dead Space Remake Review: A Shining Star

Limitless Exploration – Dead Space Remake Review

One of the biggest novelties introduced in this title is certainly the possibility of freely explore all of Ishimura. Unlike the original game, in the remake you can almost always return to areas you’ve already explored. In this way you will have the possibility to collect any resources left behind, but not only. In fact, the game actively encourages backtracking also thanks to the brand new ones side quests. These extra missions will allow you to learn more about the history of the Ishimura and often to complete them you will have to return to areas already visited.

These trips back however sadly arise some problem. As nice as it is to be able to go back to scavenge resources, in most cases you’ll just end up at run without worries for full minutes. Of course, you could always run into some new enemies even in areas you’ve already cleared during, but they generally always will be too few to cause you any concern. All this makes some boring backtracking sequencesespecially in the last stages of the game when by now you will have a character ready to easily face any danger.

Dead Space Remake Review: A Shining Star

Quality Leap – Dead Space Remake Review

Among all the improvements made to Dead Space in the new remake, those graphics they are the most amazing. Already from the first trailers it was possible to notice an exceptional graphic quality, but playing the impact was even more impressive. Obviously the title features very high quality textures, well-kept models and good animations, but what really makes the difference is the new lighting system. In fact, the game is now based on volumetric lighting that not only renders all the environments much more realistic and disturbingbut it also contributes to making some clashes more complex and anxious.

The title of Motive Studio also stands out thanks to a sound design really great. While you are alone inside the Ishimura you can feel so many ambient sounds which will really contribute a lot to increase the immersiveness of the title. In addition, the audio will also help you during fights, as each necromorph will emit a recognizable sound which will help you to identify them easily.

If the graphics sector is exceptional, unfortunately the technical one suffers from some minor problems. In fact, during our test we noticed that the game suffers from FPS drops within some specific zones and when moving from one area to another. Obviously this is not a particularly serious problem, but nevertheless it is quite annoying and unfortunately occurs with some regularity.

Dead Space Remake Review: A Shining Star


Now the point of our review has finally arrived in which we sum up Dead Space Remake. With this title Motive Studio has tried to make a survival horror classic more current and apparently managed to fully hit the target. In fact, the game manages to take all those elements that made the original Dead Space ea great repropose them in a more modern key.

Combat has become smoother, exploration is more natural and, of course, the graphics quality is much higher. In addition, improvements have also been made regarding the pace of the narrative and the characterization of all the main characters. In short, the new Dead Space is certainly an excellent title and we are sure that both longtime fans and new players will be able to appreciate it properly.

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Plus points

  • Most prominent characters
  • Smoother gameplay
  • Completely revised zero-gravity sections
  • Graphically excellent

Points against

  • Backtracking is boring at times
  • Suffers from some frame drops