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The foldable iPad may have a kickstand

New information leaked aboutFoldable iPad that Apple may release in 2024: According to Ming-Chi Kuo, it may have a carbon kickstand. This could make Apple’s device even more flexible.

Apple will launch a foldable iPad with a carbon kickstand

Ming-Chi Kuo had already talked about the possibility of a foldable iPad in the past, and in the last few hours he has found new information. The analyst talks about Anjie Technology, a company that will produce an element of the foldable iPad never seen in an iPad: the device could have a built-in kickstand. Sources point out that Apple will make the kickstand out of carbon fiberor, material that will make it lighter and more resistant.

To prepare for this sensational launch, Apple would be ready to slow down the pace of the release of new iPads. Indeed, Kuo indicates that iPad shipments for 2023 could decrease, as there may not be any new iPads in the next 9-12 months. This would lead to a 10-15% drop in iPad shipments for 2023.

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While many companies have experimented with producing foldable products, Apple has yet to join the movement. Rumors of a possible foldable iPhone have been circulating the internet for at least a couple of years, but this iPhone looks set for a future launch (if it actually arrives). For the time being, Apple would be aiming to fold the next iPad.

According to Kuo, Anjie Technology (the company that will presumably supply a carbon fiber kickstand for the foldable iPad) should continue to benefit from a trend of foldable devices equipped with kickstands. At the moment it is not clear what other product could launch arrive with this solution, but it seems that the borders between tablet and laptop are blurring.

However, these are only rumors and market analysis, what Apple will do we can only find out next year. But several sources think it could become a pivotal year for the iPad.

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