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Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

In this new guide dedicated to the remake of Dead Space we will tell you about the best upgrades to unlock to better face the necromorphs

The original 2008 Dead Space is quite a title demanding and also the new remake of Motive Studio e EA it is no less. Necromorphs are extremely dangerous creatures and some players may find it difficult to defeat them. To help novices in difficulty we have therefore decided to write this guide, where you can find the best power ups to unlock to easily defeat the creatures that infest the Ishimura.

Be thrifty – Dead Space: The best upgrades

In this guide we will tell you about the best upgrades to apply to each Dead Space equipment, but unfortunately not all of these improvements will be available immediately. In fact, some power-ups will only be accessible dAfter you have found specific items. For this reason, even if you have accumulated a few energy nodes, we advise you to keep them until you have access to really useful upgrades. Surely the temptation to improve more and more is strong, but it’s always better don’t waste resources boosting useless stats like oxygen or the capacity of some weapons.

Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

Suit – Dead Space: The best upgrades

First we want to start by talking about one of the most important equipment of Dead Space: the suit. In fact, a well-powered armor will allow you to survive longer and it might even offer you some extra advantages during fights. In general, we advise you to always aim for health points when you improve the suit, but there are also other upgrades that should not be underestimated.

The duration of stasis increased for example it will allow you to slow down the necromorphs for a longer time, while increased kinetic throw damage it will allow you to do much more damage with telekinesis. One of the best power-ups to unlock though is certainly the one it’s about the stasis area. Thanks to this power-up you will have the possibility to slow down more than one enemy at the same time with a single stasis charge.

Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

Plasma Blade – Dead Space: The best upgrades

Now let’s move on to old al plasma, the weapon that will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your adventure. This handy pistol is perfect for cutting off necromorph limbs with precision, but to do so effectively it needs a good damage. For this reason it is essential to start unlocking immediately all damage-related buffs.

To make the plasma blade really devastating though it’s very important to get it too the heat accumulator. This improvement will allow you to set fire to affected necromorphs, thus dealing additional damage over time. Unfortunately this upgrade it is not available immediately but at least you won’t have to reach too advanced areas before you find it.

Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

Pulse Rifle – Dead Space: The best upgrades

Now is the time to talk about the pulse gun, one of the few traditional weapons featured in the game. This auto rifle isn’t very good at cutting off necromorph limbs, but it’s perfect for targeting the big weak points of some advanced creatures and for easily taking out smaller critters.

Obviously also in this case it is important to aim for damage but, given the automatic nature of the weapon, it’s critical don’t overlook the ability. By increasing the size of the magazine, you can in fact fire many shots without being forced to reload, greatly increasing the usefulness of the rifle in battle. Also remember that every time you increase the capacity of a weapon its magazine will automatically fillthus allowing you to get a lot of extra ammo for free.

Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

Ripper – Dead Space: The best upgrades

Lo ripper is a piece of equipment that will allow you to use a circular saw to tear apart necromorphs. It sure isn’t one of the strongest weapons in the game, but with the right upgrades it can turn into quite a useful tool.

As with all other weapons also in this case it is important to increase the damagebut to make the most of the ripper’s particular attack method it is also essential to improve the duration. So doing your blades they will continue to rotate for much longer, allowing you to do more damage while wasting less ammo. Also, once you’ve found them, we recommend that you unlock them all as well special power-ups available. This way yours too secondary focus it will get much stronger and you can get even more results with a single blade.

Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

Flamethrower – Dead Space: The best upgrades

Apparently the flamethrower it might seem like an ineffective weapon, but it’s actually one of the best in Dead Space. In fact, this tool is capable of eliminate more than one necromorph at the same time at a time, thus allowing you to save a lot of ammo.

Compared to other weapons the flamethrower has less variety of upgrades but, except for the reload time, they are all very helpful. Other than damage, the best power-ups are those related to duration, as they will allow you to keep the necromorphs burning longer. However, if you use the secondary focusthen it might also be convenient to unlock some of the special power ups that you will find during the game.

Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

Multi-Beam Gun – Dead Space: The best upgrades

If you love using the plasma blade, then for sure you will love it too multi-beam gun. This huge mining tool boasts great firepower and a long range which will allow you to dismember large groups of necromorphs with a single blow.

Basically the multibeam gun is already very powerful, but needs some improvements for reduce its greatest flaws. For this reason we advise you to immediately aim for increase bullet speed and rate of fire, thus removing its main weaknesses. Later you can too enhance the damage or unlock i special improvements related to secondary fire.

Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

Contact Beam – Dead Space: The best upgrades

Of all the weapons in Dead Space, the contact beam it is certainly one of the more expensive ones to upgrade. This huge laser indeed possesses two very different fire modes each other that they are influenced by two separate upgrades. To make the contact beam truly lethal, you will therefore be forced to consume many energy nodes per increase both primary and secondary fire damage.

Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

Force Field Gun – Dead Space: The best upgrades

Finally, let’s move on to the force field gun, another truly eccentric weapon. In fact, this instrument is capable of issuing gods short-range force fields capable of dismembering necromorphs with ease while inflicting so many at the same time area damage. Plus the secondary focus of the weapon is really very useful, since it allows you to group many enemies in one place.

Obviously, also in this case, increase damage base of the weapon will be fundamental to make it really effective, but in addition it could be wise greatly increase the rate of fire. Afterwards we advise you to unlock all special power-ups as wellas they will offer you many advantages and make secondary fire even more useful.

Dead Space: The best upgrades to unlock

Ready for the massacre

This concludes our guide on the best Dead Space power-ups. Now you just have to improve your favorite weapons to start exterminating all the necromorphs of the Ishimura. Our article has ended, but if you are interested in learning more about the game, we invite you to take a look at the other dedicated articles on our site:

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