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Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo’s is not a goodbye

Grey’s Anatomy is about to say goodbye to Ellen Pompeo, but apparently only to make more plays in the next episode on February 23, let’s find out why together

ABC, the production house of Grey’s Anatomy has been talking for several weeks about a “farewell” of the protagonist Meredith Gray and above all is using the news in communication to push the Feb. 23 episode to air in the United States.

In this episode, the protagonist of the series for 19 seasons will leave Seattle to move to Boston with her children and therefore hers would be a way to leave the series, after so many seasons in which she was the absolute protagonist.

It is apparently a marketing tactic, because the protagonist in recent days has made it clear that it will not be a definitive farewell, but that she will still return to the series. In particular, her return will have to be scheduled for the last episode of the finale of this 19th season.

Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo’s is not a goodbye

Another piece of news that underlines the fact that hers will not be a farewell is related to the fact that she will still be the narrator of the next episodes, in addition to the executive producer, as she has been for several years now. So Ellen Pomeo is not suddenly abandoning the series, her probably a gradual detachment towards a probable final farewell as a regular character.

A detachment that perhaps should have taken place much earlier, to allow the series to better develop the other characters, independently of her who, being the protagonist, has inevitably always taken a large part of the scene. It’s been almost nine seasons now that Grey’s Anatomy has lost its past connotation, resulting in repetitive and with few ideas.

However, as long as the ratings reward it is normal that the network continues to broadcast it and the February 23 episode aired in the United States, will surely reach a peak in ratings, because even though Meredith has now concluded her journey as a character, she is still very loved by the public.

The series is available in all its seasons on Disney Plus, for all subscribers to the platform.

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