Dead Space: the remake has a release date

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Finally the patience of the players has been rewarded with the announcement of the official release date of the remake of Dead Space

We had already talked about it here in the livestream dedicated to the remake of Dead Spacebut now we can finally reveal the release date of this mythical third-person survival horror developed by the then Visceral Games (already seen with some chapters of the Sims and even with Dante’s Inferno). So let’s go to understand the situation a little better!

Dead Space: the remake will arrive next year

Without getting lost in further talk, we therefore reveal that the remake di Dead Spaceas recently confirmed by Electronic Arts, will be released on January 27, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. It will therefore be necessary to take a little more patience to review, and replay, the adventures in balance between horror and science fiction of Isaac Clarke.

And to think that, initially, this title it was supposed to come out in July 2021, but we all happen to delay a bit. It should also be remembered that, its co – creator Glen Schofieldannounced that he was working on a similar game set in world of PUBG: Battlegrounds and titled The Callisto Protocol. We will see the result!

Dead Space: the remake has a release date

According to what was recalled by EA Motivethis new “reinterpretation” of the historic title will try to keep the look and feel of the first chapter unchanged while improving some elements thanks to the continuous interaction with the fans. More news they should come around Halloweenand what better period else?, with a much more structured sequel.

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