Deadcraft Review: Prepare to Survive

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Let’s find out together in this review the zombie apocalypse we will have to survive in Deadcraft

That the theme of a post-apocalyptic world in recent years has gained great popularity is certainly no mystery. In fact, there are numerous successful works that have decided to fish with both hands from this genre, declining it in different meanings. There is something for everyone: from the post-nuclear war apocalypse, told in series like Fallout (at this link our opinion on Fallout 76) and Metro (here our review of Metro Exodus), to reach a world in which human society collapses under the threat of a horde of the undead. Deadcraft, the title covered in today’s review, chooses to be inspired by this last trend, setting up an action title with various survival elements. Let’s find out in more detail what awaits us in the apocalypse proposed by Marvelous.

A new end of the world

Year 20xx. The Earth was bombarded by a meteor shower that devastated the surface and brought all life to its knees. The few who were lucky enough to survive this apocalypse, however, find themselves dealing with another great threat: the meteorites in fact brought with them a mysterious virus capable of resurrecting the dead, turning them into meat-hungry zombies. . In this context, the events of Reid take place, a survivor with very special abilities who will embark on a story of revenge, while trying not to succumb to the tragic scenario mentioned above.

Although, in terms of plot, Deadcraft clearly shows the intention not to take itself too seriously, the narrative premises on which the title is based certainly do not shine for originality, but, as we will see better also later in this review, the developers have tried to stand out from the crowd by adding some less ordinary elements. The result is an adventure that slips away without any particular pretensions, between bizarre characters and over the top dialogues that sometimes manage to snatch a smile.

Deadcraft Review: Prepare to Survive

The Art of Surviving – Deadcraft Review

As we also mentioned in the opening of this review, Deadcraft is an action title with survival elements. The player will be called to explore the game world through a bird’s eye view, to recover resources and defeat the various threats that will stand in front of him. In addition to worrying about the classic life energy and stamina, we will also have to pay attention to several other needs of the character, such as hunger, thirst and fatigue. The latter are represented on the screen by indicators that will decrease over time or by carrying out various actions, and it will be our task to recover and manage the resources available in the game world, to avoid suffering malus which, if we are not careful, will bring our alter ego. to a bad end.

The system devised by the developers is actually quite simple to understand, and it will not take long before assimilating the pace of the game, also because the resources (at least in their basic form) are not so difficult to recover and will reappear at regular intervals almost always in the same places. Of course, simply consuming spoiled rat meat and stagnant water will not be enough to survive, not exactly constituting a healthy diet for our protagonist (as well as the sarcastic descriptions of the inventory will not fail to remind us). Fortunately, however, the game will soon allow us to build a bonfire and various equipment, which, among other things, will allow us to make the “makeshift dishes” that we will recover a little more edible.

The creation of objects is one of the central elements of the game, and, as in any self-respecting survival, even here, using a workbench, we will be able to access a classic crafting system, with which to use the various resources collected around. for the map. This mechanic is mainly divided into two distinct sections: the one dedicated to human objects, and the one relating to zombie creations (affectionately renamed Zombiecraft). We will also be allowed to dedicate ourselves to the care of vegetables such as pumpkins and tomatoes, as long as we create specific land for cultivation. Finally, by meeting certain requirements, we will be able to earn points to spend to unlock the different (and not exactly small) skill trees available, thus opening up new possibilities for creation and more.

Deadcraft Review: Prepare to Survive

Half man, half zombie, all survivor – Deadcraft Review

To survive a hostile world populated by marauders and the undead, it will obviously also be necessary to know how to defend oneself, and fortunately Reid from this point of view seems to know his stuff. Basically we will have a button to attack, one to dodge and a sprint. We will also be able to chain an attack while running or immediately after a dodge and we will also be offered the possibility of taking up two weapons, which will be interchangeable with the press of a button, and will have different animations (for example: a large two-handed ax will be obviously less agile than a dagger). There are also firearms but, as you can easily guess, it will not be easy to get hold of them.

As we had also written in the first paragraph of this review, in Deadcraft our alter ego will be equipped with special abilities. In fact, Reid will soon discover that he is a half man and half zombie hybrid, and this will allow him to exploit a series of monstrous powers (at the price, however, of having to maintain a balance between the two halves). Basically these will be two: a defensive one that will transform the arm of our alter ego into a shield, and a powerful sweep capable of inflicting massive damage. Overall, therefore, the combat system of the title is functional and sufficiently varied. We are not faced with mechanics capable of making a miracle cry, however we cannot deny that on some occasions placing the right shot has generated a fair amount of satisfaction.

Deadcraft Review: Prepare to Survive

Zombie Gardening – Deadcraft Review

If playing a half man and half zombie hybrid (as described in the previous paragraph of this review) intrigued you, you will be happy to know that the follies in Deadcraft go far beyond that. Among the powers of a half-zombie, Reid will discover that he can control other undead, to make them fight alongside him. However, this will not be possible on normal creatures that already roam the world, but it will be necessary to “create your own”. How? First of all it will be necessary to recover the corpses (those of the human enemies that we will shoot down will be perfect, as long as they remain whole). These then will be suitably prepared to be … planted in the garden!

Yes, you read that right, your zombie allies will need to be grown just like plants, but watered with undead blood. After a few days of loving care you can finally pick a new undead (complete with a flower on his head), ready to fight alongside you. It is undoubtedly one of the most absurd and hilarious gimmicks of the entire work, able to add variety both from the management side of the gameplay and from that of the combat (when you deploy your allies in battle), also because the cultivated zombies will vary in the physical and in the weapons that they will be able to take, based on what they had been before passing away.

Deadcraft Review: Prepare to Survive

The Style of the Apocalypse – Deadcraft Review

We could not conclude this review dedicated to Deadcraft without a mention of the technical sector. Graphically, the title adopts a graphic with bright tones, which winks at the comic style. The polygonal complexity does not reach noteworthy peaks, but the result is still pleasing to the eye. Even the audio sector does its duty, between a functional but not particularly memorable hard rock soundtrack, and sound effects that well accompany the blows inflicted and the various actions on the screen. In our test of the Nintendo Switch version of the title, we found almost no drop in frame rates or other technical problems to report.

Deadcraft Review: Prepare to Survive

The Walking Reid

Deadcraft is a title with good ideas, which in more than one juncture undoubtedly manages to entertain. The survival mechanics are simple but they work, and if you love the genre, the game could potentially keep you busy for a while. Not all that glitters is gold, and some factors, such as a narrative not always up to par and secondary missions that are often a little obvious, could lead certain players to abandon Reid’s adventure prematurely. In any case, if you like the style, there is a good chance that you will enjoy this title, even if you are not a survival expert. Finally, we point out that, at the time of writing this review, the game is only available in Englishand you need a good knowledge of this idiom in order not to miss some exclamations and idioms over the top, of which the title makes extensive use.

What do you think? Have you already tried this title? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to for all the news dedicated to the world of video games. To buy video games at a discounted price, we recommend that you take a look at the Instant Gaming catalog.

A rather over the top survival, also suitable for newbies of the genre.

Points in favor

  • The gameplay manages to entertain, even if you are not an expert in survival …
  • The idea of ​​a hybrid protagonist is interesting
  • Definitely hilarious zombie cultivation mechanics
  • Good variety in the gameplay

Points against

  • … despite this, some mechanics may still not appeal to everyone
  • Not exactly original setting
  • Plot and side quests not always up to par
  • An Italian translation is currently missing