D-Link riduce l'impatto ambientale con i nuovi codici green per gli switch thumbnail

D-Link reduces environmental impact with new green codes for switches

D-Linkthe world leader in networking and connectivity technologies, has announced the introduction of new codes for your switches. The company’s goal is to reduce the waste of electronic materials. The company, also in Italy, contributes to sustainability by carrying out the global initiative D-Link Green. Let’s find out all the details together.

D-Link announces new green codes for switches

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Nowadays, every pack of switches offers both a EU power cord that a cable with UK plug. This means that in all of Europe about the 50% of the cables it is not used; in the worst case, moreover, it is thrown away immediately.

D-Link speeds up his “green” commitment thanks to a careful review of his forecast process ed stock optimization present at its European logistics center. The new product codes dedicated exclusively to the European market aim to avoid unnecessary waste.

Stefano Nordio, D-Link’s Vice President Europe, said:

At D-Link we strongly believe in reducing the waste of electronic materials. Sustainability guides all our processes and initiatives and this approach is also represented by our increasingly efficient and smart products from an environmental point of view. We are aware of the role and responsibilities we have as a manufacturer and provider.

Our will is to offer better products and services every day, but we also want to ensure a more sustainable future. Safeguarding the environment is the first step towards a circular economy perspective that can only benefit society and above all future generations.

As revealed, the switches will remain the same in terms of hardware and they will have the same structure and functionality. However, D-Link will eliminate the British cable. This choice reconfirms the company’s commitment to sustainability and invigorates “D-Link Green”the initiative that guarantees a high level of energy saving ed efficiency.

In fact, all D-Link switches support standard IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficiency Ethernet which detects the connection status of the ports. Finally, in case of PC or other connected devices and ports failures, the switch automatically reduces, or interrupts, power to inactive ports. For more information you can consult the official site.

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