Deadpool 3: many cameos among the possible info on the film!

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New possible info on Deadpool 3 has leaked online, including many cameos from mutants and a lot of faithfulness to Marvel comics! According to these rumors, this will be the most cartoonish film ever

One of the most anticipated films of 2024, which will also be the only MCU film this year (we wrote an article with all the superhero films and TV series in 2024) is Deadpool 3. Not so much for the character himself, but for the fact that he will return Hugh Jackman (check out his filmography) as Wolverine. But not only will he return as Wolverine, but the character in the film will also have the iconic yellow costume from the X-Men comics. It also seems that Deadpool 3 will be crucial to the future of Multiverse Saga, showcasing old faces from the X-Men films and the MCU, as well as new faces. Some have described it as the No Way Home of the Fox universe and that will probably be the case. While waiting to discover the truth, here is the possible info on the film.

Deadpool 3: many cameos among the possible info on the film!

Possible info on Deadpool 3 and probable cameos

The information we have on the film does not go into too much detail about the plot. Obviously, being gods unconfirmed rumors, we invite you to take everything with a pinch of salt. So, according to this information, Deadpool 3 is the film with the most cameos in history. The film, in fact, should have the proportions of Ready Player One, talking about constant references to other projects, MCU and otherwise. Without a doubt it is the Marvel movie most cartoonish ever and it looks like it will be better than the first two Deadpool movies. The production was very happy with the full creative freedom that the president of Marvel Studios gave him, Kevin Feige. Wolverine will have one sleeveless jumpsuit in the movie and the character will be brutal during action scenes. The costumes of the mutants will be very faithful to those of the comicsso they will have a lot more color.

If this info is true, then this will be one of the biggest movies in the MCU and it certainly will the best Deadpool movie. What do you think? Would you like to see all this? Tell us in the comments what you think we’ll see in the film. Continue to follow us on for other news from the Marvel world and much more from cinema!

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