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Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds knows who has to win between Deadpool and Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds continues to work on the screenplay and the plot of the film even after the start of the actors’ strike and is particularly interested in the issue of Deadpool vs. Wolverine

Before the strike began, filming on Deadpool 3 had already begun and photos from the film’s set had been released showing off Wolverine’s new costume, very faithful to the original of comics. Unfortunately, however, the strike began right during work, but they should already be at a good point. In fact they already shot half the scenes, plus Ryan Reynolds had total creative freedom over the story which will be told in the third film of the Chattering Mercenary.

Ryan Reynolds wants Deadpool to be defeated by Wolverine

Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds knows who has to win between Deadpool and Wolverine

Regarding the film, seizing the opportunity in a recent interview, the director Shawn Levy spoke about the clash that we will see between the two characters and specified how much Ryan Reynolds cares about the idea that Deadpool is defeated by Wolverine.

Hugh is a big fan of Ryan, as Ryan is a big fan of Hugh and knows how important it is to have Wolverine co-star in a Deadpool movie. Each of them wants the other to win, but Ryan is also the screenwriter and producer of the film, he knows very well how to make his case for why Deadpool should lose. Deadpool is great, but he has a lot of flaws, while Wolverine is Wolverine, so I want to point out that when it comes to all-out creativity, Ryan only thinks about what is the most narratively satisfying choice, he doesn’t care how many punches he manages to throw or how many times his character manages to win. I am a spectator before being a director, working with two stars of this caliber is a dream come true for me.

Initially scheduled for May 2024, Deadpool 3, the first film about the character produced by Marvel Studios, It doesn’t have a release date yet. We will patiently await any updates on the actors’ strike and when filming will begin again. Follow us on to stay updated on upcoming news on the film and much more from the world of cinema.

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