Deathloop: guide on how to heal

Surviving between time loops in Deathloop is not a simple thing. For this we are going to find out together how to heal yourself with the different items in Deathloop

Deathloop is the new fps from Arkane. Distributed by Bethesda, the title is available exclusively for PC and PS5. The concept of the game sees the player wake up on the shores of one of the beaches of the island of Blackreef, Colt, the protagonist, does not remember anything about his past and will have the mysterious task of eliminating 8 specific targets in the space of a day. After the time runs out, the loop restarts. To put a spoke in the wheel a Colt, there is Julianna. Julianna’s advantage over her is that she knows everything. The island of Blackreef it is a very place dangerous, and only loop after loop will the player build his own strategy. Given the danger, it is therefore necessary to know well too how to heal in Deathloop.

Survive at any cost

Survive in Deathloop it is not at all simple, in your runs you will be constantly looking for a way to cure you. The mechanics in Deathloop dedicated to this purpose are possible split substantially in consumable healing items (“Single use”) or in real terms nursing stations. In this guide we will show you exactly what you will need to find them and above all how to heal yourself in Deathloop. There difficulty main title is given by the understanding of the maps, the latter are always very neat and full of enemies, but above all they constitute gods mazes to be stored for the next loop. Don’t despair though, because along the title you will have a arrangement several weapons and completely useful powers.

Deathloop: guide on how to heal

Nursing stations – Deathloop: how to heal yourself

Before starting with the first option, remember that for both you will have to be on the lookout for certain objects in the map to interact with. The first method to heal in Deathloop is to take advantage of the various nursing stations scattered around Blackreef. The latter can only cure one certain quantity damage at a time, however they will be reloaded in automatic over time. The health resorts appear very large and are quite enough recognizable thanks to their coloring bianca e rossa with some decorations in the shape of a classic green cross. To heal yourself, on PS5, hold down the button square once you can interact with them.

Deathloop: guide on how to heal

Fiz-Pop bottles – Deathloop: how to cure yourself

If in the vicinity you do not have a health station available, do not beat yourself up, there are I made pop to give you a hand. Every bottle from I made pop allows you to recover a portion of life more small when compared to stations. These bottles will be a lot easy to find, you can look for them practically in each place on the map. So pay attention to each floor or shelf, as they will be present in large quantity in each area. The Fiz-Pop are presented as a version in small scale of health resorts, red and white in appearance with green crosses. Basically, observe good for the various areas of the map, behind each angle you might find one.

Deathloop: guide on how to heal

Break the loop

We have seen in this guide how it is relatively easy heal yourself in Deathloop. All you have to do is search for in the first place of nursing stations, arranged in certain specific places on the map, if you are short of energy and you need to heal yourself immediately, instead go in search of bottles I made pop. Finally let us know if Deathloop you are enjoying it. The title, exclusively PS5 e PC, offers several hours of fun by challenging you in eliminating 8 targets scattered around the map within a limit storm. Take advantage of all of yours arena, yours powers but above all yours knowledge defeat them all e exit the loop. If you want to learn more about the game, go and retrieve ours review.

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