Deathloop: postponed with new release date!

Deathloop: postponed with new release date!

Deathloop, a title in development at Arkane Studios, has been postponed; however, we have a new release date. Let’s find out all the details in this dedicated news

Unfortunately, by now, postponing some titles, even highly anticipated ones, has become one practice within the gaming market. Cyberpunk 2077 has taught us, for example, how far this practice can go, up to get tired also the user. Let it be right l’hype that is created around a title, and consequently the expectations that you have, to push the developers to “take a little more time”? We don’t have a sure answer. What is certain is that even Arkane, in this case, was not far behind. Deathloop has been postponed but, fortunately, we have one new official release date.

Deathloop: the title has been postponed and Arkane has presented a new release date

As previously mentioned, the new title in development at the expert and experienced (but not exempt from the possibility of postponing the games) Arkane Studios, Deathloop has been postponed but to mitigate this news was the presentation of a new official release date. The publication of the game, at first scheduled for May has now been set at September, we are talking about the September 14, 2021. We will therefore have to wait for the whole next hot summer before putting on what seems to be one of the most interesting FPS of recent years.

The news, as you can see from the tweet above, arrived a few minutes ago through the official profile of the game. First chirped and then posted on all the other social networks, the news of the postponement of Deathloop has already done around the web triggering the reaction of the community and all gamers waiting to get their hands on the game. We remember that Deathloop will be released on PS5 and PC. To date, there is still no news relating to a possible landing even on Microsoft consoles. Updates will surely follow.

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