DECAPOLICE: Level-5 title postponed to 2024

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Not even the cyberpunk investigations of DECAPOLICE are immune to the times of justice: Level-5 extends the gestation until the “futuristic” 2024

As a development team, Level-5 has had its ups and downs, but it is precisely to avoid the latter that DECAPOLICE slide to 2024. Originally scheduled for the end of the current year, the investigative role-playing game set in a cyberpunk future is therefore postponed (to avoid the end of the other, ahem, Cyberpunk) to the next calendar. During the recent event Vision 2023 IIthe CEO of the company Akihiro Hino revealed that the developers preferred to put quality first. “The open-world crime RPG DECAPOLICE received much praise upon its demo release at the Tokyo Game Show,” begins Hino. “To ensure adequate development in terms of quality and quantity, we have decided to take more time.”

Layton’s colleague takes more time: Level-5 projects the future of DECAPOLICE in 2024

Hino further explained that DECAPOLICE aims to a much larger and more immersive world than Level-5’s past titles. “As far as our games go, this one features an open world on a scale never seen before,” said Hino. “We aim to build a large, immersive world full of gameplay opportunities. Incidents will occur in many different locations, many of which will be full of surprises. It is this gameplay that we are aiming for with DECAPOLICE.” The game is in development for PS5, Nintendo Switch e PS4. Naturally, the postponement raises questions about the possible Nintendo Switch 2, “expected” in the second half of 2024 according to rumors. Professor Layton and the New World of Steam has a release window, by the way: 2025.

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