Deco Industrie relies on Xnext for quality control

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Deco Industry, Italian company specialized in the production of products for domestic food, focuses on Xnext technology for the quality control of biscuits. The company is active in six production plants in Emilia-Romagna and can count on over 500 employees and more than 300 million packages of finished products sold every year. Since 2021, Deco Industrie has chosen the technology solutions of the Italian company Xnet to maximize food safety and real-time quality control of industrial processes.

Deco Industrie chooses Xnext to maximize food safety

Xnext launched the patented technology on the food-tech market XSpectra. This technology brings together three levels of technological innovation (photonics, nuclear microelectronics and artificial intelligence) to create one of the most innovative and advanced real-time inspection systems in the world. The system used by Deco Industrie is capable of detect elements not otherwise detectable such as, for example, low-density foreign bodies.

Using such a system for quality control of products such as biscuits is essential. Deco Industrie products, as well as those of other brands, have a high variability in terms of recipe and arrangement in the bag. Contaminants are more difficult to intercept. It is necessary to focus on a state-of-the-art inspection system, such as that of Xnext, to maximize food safety.

The comment of the protagonists

Bruno Garavelli, CEO and Co-Founder of Xnext, declares: “” Finally with XSpectra we can go beyond the challenge between metal detectors and X-rays, since this inspection system detects metals with the same effectiveness as metal detectors but, in addition, it also detects low and low foreign bodies. non-metallic high density “.

Antonio Campri, President of Deco Industrie., he adds: “With the putting on line of XSpectra we are able to ensure an ever higher quality, being able to identify non-metallic and low-density foreign bodies that cannot be detected by other inspection systems.”

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