DeepWell Digital Therapeutics: when video games become therapy

After more than 18 months of development, research and personnel selection, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is ready to present itself to the public. We are talking about a one-of-a-kind video game publisher and developer who is committed to creating cutting-edge titles that can entertain and at the same time support, improve and accelerate the treatment of a number of diseases spread globally.

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics: here is the software house of therapeutic video games

DeepWell was born by the hand of Mike Wilsonco-founder of Return Digitaland of Ryan Douglasfounder and former general manager of the international medical device company Nextern. Wilson and Douglas formed a group of specialists from the video game industry and the medical field to collaborate and lead the development of the games of DeepWellwork with independent creators from all over the world to release new titles that cover every platform and genre, and make available the company’s studied technologies to help developers design and re-propose games in a new guise to amplify their innate therapeutic value.

DeepWell is already working on a series of DTx games that will support the company’s patented technical processes and systems. Conceived in the midst of the pandemic from COVID-19, DeepWell’s DTx games represent a new tool to address the rampant crisis that continues to threaten healthcare systems around the world. During the pandemic, the inequality of access to quality health care has become even greater, thus worsening the forecasts for the future.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) predicts that, by 2030, mental health will become the main health problem, while the World Health Organization (WHO) notes that the number of people in the world suffering from a form of disability, which at the moment corresponds to more than 1 billion, is destined to increase steadily in the coming years.

More than 40 industry-leading creators, game designers, scientists and medical researchers have joined DeepWell in response to urgent public health concerns associated with psychiatric conditions, highly exacerbated by the pandemic since COVID-19and the need to increase digital health therapeutic devices with which to address the situation.

Its expert advisory board has donated time and resources and collaborated in defining and regulating the fundamental principles of therapeutic game design in order to enhance the power of interactive media for future generations. Gaming experts on the advisory board include well-known industry leaders, including Tom Hall, Zoe Flower, Rami Ismail, Lorne Lanning e American McGee. Prominent physicians and medical research experts on the board include Dr. Samuel Browd, Dr. Leeza Maron, Dr. Anne Marie Porter, Dr. Justin Systma, Dr. Len Hatlelid, and educator Jeff Hopkins.

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