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Dell al CES 2023: presentati l’Alienware Gaming Monitor a 500Hz

Dell Unveils World’s Fastest 500Hz Refresh Rate on Alienware Fast IPS Gaming Monitor at CES 2023, Boosts Aurora R15 Desktop

Alienware (here for more info) breaks new barriers with the introduction of the world’s fastest refresh rate of 500Hz. Let’s talk about the Fast IPS gaming monitor and the advanced AMD-powered Aurora R15 gaming desktop. These advances in the display and desktop industry enhance Alienware’s competitive edge. After last year’s incredible portfolio updates, we are speeding into 2023 with no sign of slowing down.

Dell al CES 2023: presentati l'Alienware Gaming Monitor a 500Hz

Introducing the Alienware 500Hz gaming monitor awarded with the CES 2023 Innovation Award and winner of the Best of Innovation

Dell has introduced the monitor with the world’s fastest refresh rate of 500Hz, the Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor (AW2524H). Il vincitore del CES 2023 Innovation Award e Best of Innovation, delivers the world-class speed demanded by today’s champions. Featuring a 24.5-inch high-definition (FHD) resolution and a supersonic overclocked 500Hz refresh rate (480Hz native) on a Fast IPS panel. This elite display delivers blazing frame rates to deliver jaw-dropping motion clarity in high-speed games and help gamers clinch victory.


Designed for highly competitive gamers, the 500Hz gaming monitor also offers new functional elements. Like the integrated retractable headphone hook and the new hexagonal base structure that occupies a small footprint. So you can position your gaming keyboard and mouse to your liking and focus only on winning the competition. The improved design was based on feedback from professional esports players (including those of Team Liquid) and the Alienware gaming community. Performance and speed win games, and with the 500Hz gaming monitor your game will be fully optimized to enable split-second reactions for the moments that matter most. Helps eliminate blurring and ghosting in fast-moving images with the Ultra-low latency with 0.5ms GtG response time. So you can play with peace of mind knowing the pixels are performing to their full potential, while allowing you to do the same. This display builds on the existing legacy of the Alienware line, offering specific enhancements for competitive gamers looking to outpace the competition.

Dell al CES 2023: presentati l'Alienware Gaming Monitor a 500Hz

Details on the Alienware gaming monitor presented at CES 2023

The Alienware 500Hz gaming monitor comes standard with NVIDIA’s Reflex Analyzer. This allows gamers to capture end-to-end system latency and get an accurate measure of PC performance. The stunning IPS panel also features 99% sRGB color coverage and VESA DisplayHDR 400 for wider viewing angles. These offer accurate and smooth colors as well as vibrant and lifelike images to enhance the entire gaming experience. This bold and expressive monitor also features:

  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Certifiedwhich helps ensure smooth, tear-free gameplay for today’s and tomorrow’s graphics cards
  • TUV certified ComfortView Plus hardware solutionwhich reduces harmful blue light while keeping colors true to life
  • Alien FX lightingwhich allows for fully customizable backlighting to match the aesthetics of your battle station

Gaming monitors presented at CES 2023: here is the Alienware Aurora, which welcomes the AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors

Announced a few months ago, the top model Alienware’s Aurora R15 is designed with expressive curves and an iconic, sculpted shape that packs a powerful performance. Originally configured with 13th generation Intel Core K-series processors, the latest Aurora Now Offers AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Processors and Intel 13th Generation 65W Desktop Processors. Later this winter, we will also be introducing AMD Radeon 7000 Series graphics options. Aurora showcases a clean and organized interior through transparent side doors with up to 8 AlienFX lighting zones. These shine nicely on the powerful internal components. Available in two fan-favorite colorways, Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon. The Aurora R15 has been designed 360 degrees to look truly extraordinary from any angle.

Dell al CES 2023: presentati l'Alienware Gaming Monitor a 500Hz

Awarded at CES 2023

Winner of the CES 2023 Innovation Awards, this stunning system features performance-driven architecture updates that support the latest processor and graphics technologies. The R15 generation of Aurora desktops have a redesigned chassis for airflow, cooling, and performance. Designed to take on more powerful gaming components for the best possible desktop gaming experience.

Alienware launches the Interstellar clothing line

Alienware gives fans the opportunity to express their passion for the brand and gaming lifestyle with premium apparel. Designed with comfort in mind, the iconic Alienware brand aesthetic offers loyal fans and gamers a discreet way to represent the brand. With minimalist designs on hats, T-shirts and hoodies.

Dell al CES 2023: presentati l'Alienware Gaming Monitor a 500Hz

Pricing and availability of gaming monitors and products showcased at CES 2023

  • Aurora R15 available from 1/5/23. Alienware Aurora R15 with AMD Ryzen 7000 processors starting at $1,599 (US), $2,199 (CA). Alienware Aurora R15 with Intel 13th Gen Processors starting at $1,599 (US), $2,199 (CA). It will also be available towards the end of winter the Alienware Aurora R15 with AMD Radeon 7000 graphics. Prices will be shared as they become available.
  • 500Hz gaming monitor. Pricing for the Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor (AW2524H) will be announced closer to the ship date, expected in Q1 2023.
  • Clothing line available from January 17th 2023 (North America only). The Zip Up Hoodie is priced at $100.00. Hoodie priced at $90.00. T-Shirt available for $40.00. Snapback cap priced at $30.00.

And you? What do you think of this Alienware gaming monitor ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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