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Dell is committed to the development of remote working with its device innovations

Although today it can be said that the Work remotely can happen from anywhere, there are still limitations that hinder our work experiences. Overcoming these challenges is at the heart of the design philosophy of Dell. They translate into the innovations introduced in the commercial portfolio, from the device to the ecosystem, up to the software and solutions that increase connection and collaboration.

Dell, the new modern and useful devices for remote work

A modern remote working setup requires software solutions and ecosystems around the endpoint in order to efficiently maximize our productivity.

Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved USB-C Hub was designed for financial traders, engineers and analysts and multi-screen productivity. It allows you to connect and view the contents of two PCs simultaneously on a single monitor. IPS Black panel technology with 2000:1 contrast ratio offers twice the color contrast of conventional IPS over a wide viewing angle. The USB-C hub monitor offers a number of connectivity options. They power the laptop up to 90W and provide a 2.5GbE connection via the built-in Ethernet port. Finally, the monitor is equipped with ComfortView Plus for greater eye comfort. The built-in pop-out feature provides quick access to ports for easy connection of external devices.

The latest version of Dell Optimizer extends intelligence from the PC to the rest of the ecosystem, allowing you to more easily manage displays and peripherals in a single interface. The echo cancellation feature eliminates distracting echoes for all call participants. While voice quality monitoring notifies you with a pop-up when the voice quality is poor.

The main features of Dell products, useful for remote working

Sustainability. Dell continues to innovate and invest in the sustainable design of its products and packaging. Expand your use of low-carbon aluminum to include more recycled content and extend this material into more products. Including the Latitude 9440, Precision 5680 and Latitude 7000 series throughout the year.

Dell has also increased the percentage of post-consumer recycled materials to further reduce environmental impact in the Latitude laptop series. This occurs in the Precision 3000 series workstations and the latest commercial monitors. Also, the “silent mode” within the Dell Optimizer’s thermal management settings saves up to 18% energy.

Security and manageability. The goal is to provide the most secure PCs in the industry and create a trusted workspace with hardware and software protections. all recent announcements from Dell go in this direction, such as the collaboration with CrowdStrike.

The new Dell Latitude and Precision for remote working

The new Latitude and Precision they are built with 13th generation Intel Core processors and with the latest Dell Optimizer features. They are able to bring intelligent personalization from the endpoint to the ecosystem.

Dell Latitude 9440

Latitude 9440 it is the collaboration device that satisfies the needs of all those who need to be able to work wherever they are and it is the smallest 14″ PC in the world. The Latitude 9440 is inspired by the iconic design of linea XPS, but with an aesthetic designed for business users. It features a two-in-one design and is a high-performance device, ideal for business users. The aluminum and graphite color offer a premium, elegant look and the dual fan systems with rear vent make it even quieter.

Among the design innovations, the new keyboard features wider, gapless keys. Not only that, but also from a greater angle between the keys and a curvature on each of them that facilitates tactile separation. Thanks to the workstream on sustainable PCs Concept LunaWe’ve reduced backlit keyboard power consumption by up to 75 percent and increased battery life by three hours with new micro LED backlit keyboard technology. The 14-inch display in a 13-inch chassis with 16:10 aspect ratio and InfinityEdge QHD+ make images even sharper and more engaging.

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Dell Latitude 9330

Il Latitude 9330 simplified video calls and the 9440 integrated the world’s first touchpad for haptic collaboration. Dell is working to add customizable haptic feedback and make the touchpad behave the way the user likes it best, for a great customer experience. Microphone and camera mute, screen sharing and chat functions are enabled within reach on the touchpad during Zoom calls (for Microsoft Teams they will be later this year).

The new Latitude 7000 series features lightweight and aluminum options to offer a variety of sizes, form factors, and features for the diverse needs of professionals. It includes a 16:10 aspect ratio and the same battery-saving mini-LED keyboard as the 9440 to make your work easier, no matter where you are. THE Latitude 7340/7440 Ultralight deliver productivity in a slim, lightweight package for maximum mobility. Available with a 14-inch display, they are the smallest and lightest 14- and 13.3-inch high-end laptops in the world. With a weight of less than one kilogram (13 inches) and slightly more than one kilogram (14 inches), and the chassis made of magnesium, the devices are light but extremely strong. Dell has also added a 5MP camera and 5G for better collaboration wherever you work. The new “river” color, a blend of blue and gray, offers a modern look.

Dell Precision

For professionals who demand high performance, sleek design, and a larger screen, a 16-inch thin and light mobile workstation has been added to the Precision line.

The new Precision 5680 has the smallest footprint in the world for a 16-inch workstation and impressive technical specifications: up to Intel Core i9 (45W) and up to 64GB of DDR5 memory with NVIDIA RTX 5000 GPU Ada Generation Laptop; crisp 16:10 three-sided InfinityEdge display, haptic trackpad for fast, responsive feedback, quad A-grade audio speakers, up to UHD+ PremierColor display, and FHD IR camera with proximity and ambient light sensor.

Patented opposing dual-output fan technology has been added to the Precision 5680 to enable the system to handle complex workflows and intensive applications. With one HDMI port, one slot for schede SD full-size and an optional smart card reader, it’s a reliable and secure tool to work with. In addition, the most demanding users can benefit from the innovative EPR (Extended Power Range) technology, which offers greater power (165W compared to 130W) through a universal USB-C connector.

Dell has also updated the broader Dell Precision portfolio, from entry-level mobile workstations to serie 3000 to the most powerful Precision 7000 series mobile, tower and rack workstations, all with ISV certifications. Whether you’re experimenting with 2D or 3D workflows, or a skilled user looking to push the boundaries of technology, Precision workstations have the performance, speed and reliability you need to bring your ideas to life.

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Dell device design

For what concern design of PCs, the new Latitude 5000 series devices are designed with the greatest variety and most innovative use of sustainable materials, with components made from recycled plastics, reclaimed carbon fiber, renewable materials and recycled ocean plastics.

The Latitude 9440 and Precision 5680 are the world’s first Precision PC and mobile workstation, respectively, designed with recycled aluminum and low carbon, including 75% recycled aluminum in the chassis. The keyboard of the Latitude 9440 features a keyboard cover made with 75% recycled plastic and renewable plastic components made from a byproduct of agricultural and food waste. We also introduced recycled copper into the power adapters of the Latitude 9440, Precision 5680 and Precision 3000 for the first time.

The entire range of Latitude and Precision products continue to be supplied with 100% recycled or renewable packaging. Businesses also benefit from the setting Dell Optimizer “Silent Mode”, which can guarantee energy savings of up to 18%.

Prices and availability

  • Latitude 9440 will be available in the coming months
  • Latitude 7340/7440 Ultralight, 7340/7440/7640 and Latitude 5340/5440/5540 all available March 23
  • Precision 3000 Series mobile workstations available March 23
  • Precision 5480 available April 20.
  • Precision 5680 available May 18th.
  • Precision 5860 Tower available April 11
  • Precision 7000 Series mobile workstations available March 23rd
  • Precision 7960 Rack and Tower disponibile l’11 aprile.
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