Innovation and gaming: the features that are improving the gaming experience

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In this article we will analyze what are the technological innovations that have allowed slot machines to become one of the favorite games in the world gambling scene

Technology at the service of progress. A diktat that applies to almost all sectors and to which public gaming is no exception. This is how the game manages to maintain very high levels of participation, which are constantly growing, year after year. New proposals and reinterpretations of classics stand up in the fight to conquer the user and the truth is that, in the iGaming panorama, the choice is so vast that there is only an embarrassment of choice to satisfy the most diverse tastes .

For over a century now, slot machines have been one of the absolute favorite games, thanks to the charm of their unpredictability, through which they manage to involve the user, reaching very high levels of engagement. Their path has evolved a lot over the years and in the digital age the attention is entirely paid to the features that the various titles offer, for which they distinguish themselves from each other by creating real niches of loyalists.

Themes and plots: from classic Egypt to the world of cinema

The first features that attract players are certainly the plot and the theme: Egypt and explorers of antiquity are among the favorites internationally, but the transversality between the different fields of entertainment is playing a central role in recent years. That’s why there are more and more slot machines dedicated to characters from famous films or inspired by successful TV series, – an example of all Peaky Blinders -, which find the consent of users who are already passionate about the protagonists and atmospheres that they can relive in the game sessions.

To integrate these settings, the elements intervene 3D which have brought an important qualitative growth to the graphics of slot machines, more and more realistic and immersive. The soundtracks complete the picture, which can be composed of original tunes that accompany the player or, in the case of titles inspired by cinematic successes, the same soundtracks of the most famous films.

Bonuses and multi-level games in the sights of expert players

Those described above are undoubtedly the first elements that are taken into consideration by users approaching for the first time to the world of gambling. The selection is further refined as the gaming experience grows, finding a more expert user and more aware of the type of entertainment that best suits him. Then the more technical characteristics come into play and it is on the basis of these that the player becomes more or less passionate about a title, in line with the gaming experience he is looking for.

Some slot machine titles are real hybrids with classic video games, which are structured on different levels thanks to the integration of mini-games and puzzle games that make the gaming experience even more immersive and captivating. As in video games, there may therefore be a deviation from the storyline principalestructured in a sort of sublevel, by playing which the user can gain progress in the game, but also different types of bonuses offered by online platforms.

Mobile gaming: the resource of the future

Last but not least, in the ranking of features that have improved the gaming experience, is the optimization for mobile devices. In fact, with the expansion of the gaming audience, new needs arose, including that of making online gaming also available to categories of users who do not have computers. In fact, this is the frontier of the future, as it has been possible to see in recent years: the mobile game has had a rampant success all over the planet consecrating tablets and smartphones as the new means of gaming to the detriment of more classic devices.

In this transition, responsive design has become a must-have for streaming content providers, including gambling operators. It is thanks to this technology, applicable thanks to the advent of the HTML5 language, that the content offer can be compatible with mobile devices and respond promptly to user needs and behaviour. Stay tuned to for more news and updates.