Dell Technologies: 3 important news for the brand announced!

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Dell Technologies presents 3 important innovations, on the Snowflake front, the launch of new Solar Community Hubs, and multi-cloud

First news of Dell Technologies and its collaboration with the Data Cloud company Snowflakein fact, they will work together to connect data residing on Dell’s industry-leading enterprise storage with Snowflake Data Cloud. This collaboration, an industry first, will allow customers to operate more flexibly in multi-cloud environmentsto comply with data sovereignty requirements and easily gain insights from data.

Dell and Snowflake customers will be able to use on-prem data residing on Dell Object Storage with Snowflake Data Cloud by keeping the data locally or by copying it to public clouds. The two companies will carry out the necessary product integrations and joint go-to-market activities in the second half of 2022. These are the words of he declared Jeff Boudreaupresidente dell’Infrastructure Solutions Group di Dell Technologies.

As a leader in data storage, Dell Technologies provides customers with the tools they need to extract insights from their data wherever it resides. Thanks to this collaboration between on-prem storage systems and Snowflake Data Cloud we are able to expand the ecosystem of Dell SaaS providers to gain insights both on-prem and in public clouds

Dell Technologies: 3 important news for the brand announced!

Dell Technologies: 3 important news for the brand announced!

Dell will also partner with Computer Aid, Intel and Microsoft to build 25 solar-powered hubs across three continents. The solutions used in the hubs will have Dell technology to address the specific needs of different communities. Il cousin hub of Good Hope, in Brazil, it will support the local community and tackle the problem of deforestation

Dell Technologies, in partnership with Computer Aid, Intel and Microsoft, announced the Solar Community Hubs initiative, an evolution of its program Solar Learning Labs. Going beyond technology for educational purposes only, hubs improve access to technology, health care and workforce skills in communities located in remote areas around the world.

Christian Kleinermansenior vice president of product di Snowflake;

Snowflake’s mission is to allow companies to mobilize data allowing them to eliminate fragmentation and silos, bringing together application and infrastructure clouds in a single, open and accessible system. Partnering with Dell will enable enterprises to get more value from their on-prem data by leveraging the performance and simplicity of the Snowflake platform and the powerful collaboration capabilities offered by Snowflake Data Cloud

Dell Technologies: 3 important news for the brand announced!

The Solar Community Hubs will be built with solutions based on Dell technology, introducing 5G, edge computing and other services, managed directly by the communities, in order to respond to the specific needs of each of them. The hubs will provide access to water and electricity, health care and resources for environmental conservation. Community members will also be able to avail of training for the development of technical skills, support for entrepreneurship, training, career guidance and services to support job creation and financial sustainability. In this regard he declared Cassandra Garber, VP of Environmental and Social Governance di Dell Technologies;

Studies show that the most significant impact begins with the empowerment of local communities. Thanks to Solar Community Hubs, communities will be able to access resources and infrastructure while addressing the most pressing problems. This evolution focuses on community needs, and we are excited to see – and participate in – the impact these partnerships will have around the world.

Dell Technologies recently unveiled the first Solar Community Hub in Brazil, in Boa Esperança, in collaboration with the Foundation for Amazon Sustainability (FAS)providing digital tools such as Latitude Rugged systems, desktops, servers, projectors and Wi-Fi to approximately twelve river communities and indigenous tribes of the Amazon. The inhabitants of these communities, who previously had to travel long distances to take advantage of modern schools and services, they can now continue their educational programs, take professional courses, attend university and prepare for the job market without having to leave home.

Dell Technologies: 3 important news for the brand announced!

The hub was designed around the concept of circularity using converted containers, furniture and wood from sustainable sources, as well as solar panels to allow devices to operate primarily on renewable energy. Project participants take part in the FAS Bolsa Floresta program, a public initiative of the Amazon state introduced in 2008 to reduce deforestation through the creation of communities.

Dell currently works with approximately 60 strategic partners worldwide, including Computer Aid, the non-profit organization involved in the development of Solar Community Hubs, which helps to identify local places and partners to transform hubs from project to reality. Since 2011, Dell and Computer Aid work together to support 24 Solar Learning Labs that reach 18,000 students and community residents each year in Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, of Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa. Dell also works with customers and partners – such as Intel and Microsoft – as well as other stakeholders to provide communities with additional resources and expertise based on specific local needs. Partners and customers can now join Dell Technologies and Computer Aid to support the deployment of Solar Community Hubs in the coming years.

Dell Technologies: 3 important news for the brand announced!

Also present the new cloud experiencesan expansion of its ecosystem and new proposals that help customers manage and secure their applications within data center and multi-cloud environments. These innovations are designed to help companies easily store, protect and control data and applications on a growing number of platforms and environments. According to a recent Gartner report, total global spending on information security and risk management will reach the 168 billion mark by the end of 2022 $ 13 billion versus more than $ 13 billion in 20211. In this context where cyber protection is increasingly a priority, Dell presents new options for managed cyber recovery and public cloud cyber recovery solutions for multi-cloud environments.

Our customers need to reduce complexity and seek solutions that use a common approach to managing data wherever they are, from public clouds to data centers to the edge. We are developing a portfolio of software and services that simplify on-prem and multi-cloud environments and proposals

He has declared Chuck Whittenco-chief operating officer di Dell Technologies.

Dell offers cloud experiences for cyber recovery in on-prem environments and in public clouds, expanding the portfolio APEX introducendo APEX Cyber Recovery Services. The first in a series of new full-stack APEX solutions that provide a cloud experience, APEX Cyber ​​Recovery Services makes it easy to recover from cyber attacks. For cyber recovery purposes, Dell manages vault operations on a daily basis and supports the customer in data recovery procedures. The solution is delivered by Dell on an as-a-service basis with standardized configurations, simplified recovery options with Dell assistance and the expertise gained from nearly 2,000 isolated vault solutions deployed around the world.

Following the presentation of Project Alpine last January, Dell demonstrated how its storage software can be used in public clouds such as AWS and Azure. Project Alpine implements data mobility and seamless operations across on-prem and public cloud environments. Businesses can easily deploy or quickly deploy Dell’s efficient, secure, and high-performance storage software and services in the public cloud thanks to Most popular enterprise storage in the industry.

With the Dell public cloud storage software, customers can move data to the cloud and take advantage of cloud-based analytics services. Developers can write “write once, deploy anywhere” applications wherever they need to create a seamless cloud-native experience across multiple different public clouds.

Dell and Snowflake will work together to make it possible connect data residing on Dell enterprise storage with Snowflake Data Cloud. This collaboration will offer customers greater flexibility to work in multi-cloud environments, comply with data sovereignty requirements and easily transform data into insights wherever they reside. Dell and Snowflake customers will be able to use on-prem data residing on Dell Object Storage with Snowflake Data Cloud by keeping the data locally or by copying it to public clouds. The two companies will integrate their respective products in the second half of 2022. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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