Return To Monkey Island: No retro graphics in the plans

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Return To Monkey Island’s graphics won’t be retro: the next game’s appeal won’t appeal to longtime fans, creator’s word

Last month, the community built around the graphic adventure genre was able to welcome with open arms Return To Monkey Islandbut the biggest surprise is the style of the graphicswhich will not be back. The creator of the long-running (though long-dormant) franchise, Ron Gilbert, apparently not a fan of art direction who made his fortune. In a recent blog post by him, Grumpy Gamer (“grumpy gamer”), Gilbert revealed that pixel art is simply his time child. Despite being the only style he uses, the creator of the franchise doesn’t particularly like him.

“Return To Monkey Island I’ll give it to you, but the retro graphics, no, no, no”

Not only does Ron Gilbert intend to avoid retro graphics in Return To, but he also wants to in his statement discredit the nature of the previous Monkey Island as “pixel art games”. According to him, these were games “at the cutting edge of art, both artistically and technically. After the sixteen EGA colors of the first, we jumped at the possibility of passing to the 256 of the second. With the ability to scan illustrations by Peter Chan and Steve Purcell, if I stayed [presso Lucasfilm], certainly the third Monkey Island would not have looked the same as the second. I would have pushed to progress, like in Day of The Tentacle. “

Ironically, Gilbert describes himself as critical of the “Chuck Jones style of fighting”. For a more “provocative” artistic direction, the author relied on Rex Crowle (LittleBigPlanet), inviting fans to like this stylistic choice. While brainstorming with Dave Grossman, pixel art as an idea was immediately discarded. The idea is to avoid the ghettoization of the title as a simple reference to the past, avoiding the same fate as Thimbleweed Park. The direction is clear: “It will not be the artistic style you expected, but it is what I wanted.”

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