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Dell, the refresh of XPS Desktop, XPS 15 and XPS 17 arrives

Dell Technologies has announced an important refresh for the series XPS: Desktop, XPS 15 e XPS 17. Specifically, the new range of products was updated with 13th generation Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 graphics.

Let’s see these innovations in detail.

Dell, the refresh of the XPS series

XPS Desktop

The new XPS Desktop now features flagship 13th Generation Intel®Core™i9k processors, NVIDIA®GeForce RTX™4090 or AMD Radeon™RX 6900 XT graphics and DDR5 memory, with clock speeds reaching up to 60 % higher than DDR4.

The purchase is possible exactly from February 28thwhile the other configurations will be available in mid-2023.

Among the updates, it is also worth mentioning those made to the exterior design, including an aluminum frame and a front grille. Furthermore, the product is available in two new colours, Graphite from Platinumand with liquid cooling and new side vents on the XPS DT model for increased cooling.

The new XPS 15 and XPS 17

Whether you’re streaming, editing photos or creating new work, the iconic XPS 15 and XPS 17 are beautifully designed, premium-performing devices built for high-intensity projects.

Also equipped with the latest 13th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® 40-series GPUs, these laptops combine cutting-edge technology with stunning displays to deliver the best experience to even the most demanding users.

Additionally XPS 15 is the first laptop to launch with an i9 processor, 32GB DDR5 memory, 1TB SSD, OLED display and NVIDIA GeForce RTX™4070 Laptop GPU; while XPS 17 is the first to launch with an i9 processor, 32GB DDR5 memory, 1TB SSD, 4K+ display and NVIDIA GeForce RTX™4070 GPU.

Both XPS 15 and XPS 17 will be available for purchase from March 6, 2023. The other configurations will come in course of spring.

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